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Monday Morning Reality

Some Mondays you wake up and think maybe you should have just stayed in bed. This was one of those Mondays for me.

Why? Because I woke to see some things in the press about Nokia that just don’t reflect reality.

Story 1: Nokia supplied 4G for Rakuten in Japan but was not selected for 5G. Not exactly. We are honored to work with Rakuten. They are a remarkable company doing some very interesting work. But, we actually decided not to pursue 5G with them given challenging pricing, and to focus on some of our larger customers in Japan where we have seen significant share gains in 5G.

Story 2: Reliance Jio in India replacing Nokia in 5G. Um, really? Another great customer, but not one where we supply any radio equipment. In their core network, they are replacing one specific element of their Nokia-provided IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) with their own product (our TAS to their CTAS), but there is certainly no IMS swap underway. We maintain the other components of their IMS and are upgrading as needed to next-generation Nokia products.

Since I can’t go back to sleep, I think I will just share the reality, get some more coffee and forge ahead!

Cheers, Barry

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Barry French

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Barry French is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Nokia. Areas of responsibilities include: heading marketing, communications, industry analyst and government relations, regulatory affairs, and corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

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