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New book by Nokia experts on LTE for Public Safety a must read

This blog is by Sandra Pierini from the Networks business of Nokia.
Twitter: @sandra_pierini

We depend on emergency services to keep us safe and secure 24/7. We expect police officers, paramedics and fire-fighters, among others, to respond to our needs quickly and, in a world of tightening budgets, efficiently. So it’s only logical that in order to meet these demands, mission-critical communications which users expect and deserve are public safety networks based on the latest technology. Today, that includes mobile broadband built on LTE.  A new book now shows why and how LTE is set to transform public safety networks,  bringing a world of data to the fingertips of public safety workers.

LTE for Public Safety”, published by Wiley in May 2015, is a joint effort by four leading LTE experts* and provides an in-depth analysis of the issues involved in adopting the technology to provide mission-critical services.

Andrew Thiessen, Deputy Program Manager for the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Public Safety Communications Research Program, recognizes the  authors’ expertise noting:

“Their deep involvement in the work on LTE for public safety  allows them to provide valuable first-hand insights on 3GPP and the relevant technical details.”

But you don’t have to be an expert in LTE or even in telecommunications to benefit from this book. It’s written with a general audience in mind, intended for people with a basic knowledge of communications who want to learn more about what LTE can do for public safety networks. It’s suitable for students, government agencies planning LTE upgrades or completely new networks, as well as technical and non-technical personnel of telecommunication operators and vendors.

Hossein Moiin, EVP, Technology & Innovation of Nokia Networks, says:

“I encourage anyone who’s keen to learn more about the technology behind LTE for public safety and related aspects such as spectrum, architecture, features, interworking and deployment scenarios to pick up a copy.”

And for those  involved in bringing the benefits of LTE to public safety networks, the  book provides invaluable introduction to key issues, including how public safety personnel can benefit in the future from new applications running on top of an LTE-based public safety network

*Authors: Rainer Liebhart (Nokia), Devaki Chandramouli (Nokia), Curt Wong, Jurgen Merkel (Nokia)

You can learn more about Nokia Networks support for Government and public safety here.

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Sandra Pierini

About Sandra Pierini

Sandra Pierini is responsible for Nokia Networks’ product marketing, strategy and content development for global Public Safety, Refarming and End-to-End Quality of Service differentiation. During her experience in telecommunications, she has covered positions spanning from product management and business development to sales. Sandra has her MBA from MIP University of Milano and Master's degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Pisa. You can find her in Twitter here: @Sandra_Pierini.

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