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New ways to make your network work harder

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When traffic demand rises, it’s tempting to take the brute force approach and invest in infrastructure to increase capacity. But this can be costly and disruptive. Surely, a better way is to make the best of the infrastructure you already have by using it more efficiently and making it work harder?

And the way to do that is with excellent Network Planning and Optimization (NPO).

But is an operator’s in-house NPO expertise enough? With the opportunities from the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G being firmed up, there are new network requirements that will demand new ways of doing NPO. The specialist support of NPO services from third-party vendors can help to ensure their networks continue to offer a superior service as we move into this exciting future.

Conventionally, NPO has focused on network KPIs and in recent years Key Quality Indicators (KQIs), but the future of NPO will increasingly bring in new analytics and automation capabilities. Here at Nokia, we’ve been building on this new breed of NPO services by looking ahead to the kind of NPO systems we will need in the future. These systems will have a built-in ability to deal with the unpredictable, to adapt rapidly as situations develop and traffic patterns change without warning.

This forward thinking attitude has been recognized by Current Analysis, who in their latest report highlighted our focus on automated capabilities for networks, based on the use of data analytics. As their latest report says, with the telecom industry lagging behind others regarding use of automation, opportunity for improvement is high, and Nokia is staking its claim.

Nokia ranked as the leader for Network Planning and Optimization

Current Analysis recognizes this emphasis on automation as ‘the next step towards cognitive and predictive network performance optimization’ – smart networks that can tell you what will happen before it happens.

Current Analysis also recognizes that Nokia has worked hard at how it delivers NPO services, most notably our AVA (Automation, Virtualization, Analytics) platform which offers fast, efficient delivery of NPO services, reducing total cost of ownership for operators.

Optimizing networks in the future is set to throw up even more challenges than we have seen so far and it will take some smart thinking to meet them.

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You can order the complete report from Current Analysis here.

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