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Nokia focuses on the human possibilities of technology in Shanghai #MWCS15

This blog is by Ada Wang at Nokia Networks.
Twitter: @nokianetworks

You can feel the speed of technology’s growth here. Held in Shanghai, and addressing a global audience, Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2015 perfectly shows how fast the entire industry has developed over the past year.

Nokia presented solutions that are shaping the future and accelerating the realization of the Connected World: the newly-launched Nokia AirFrame Data Center Solution, a joint demonstration with China Mobile on interband TD-LTE-Advanced, and a joint demonstration with Shanghai Mobile of the first TD-LTE-Advanced small cell carrier aggregation in an operator’s live network.

Our CEO, Rajeev Suri, joined a panel discussion – with Bill Morrow, CEO of NBN Australia, Sangchul Lee, CEO of LG Uplus and Vice Chairman of the LG group, and Ken Hu, Deputy Chairman of Huawei's Board of Directors and rotating CEO – talking about the “Road to 5G”. During that session, Rajeev explained how Nokia will bring the Connected World to life and talked about our next steps regarding telco cloud and 5G. Here are some of the highlights of his speech:

On Nokia’s 5G vision

* Success in 5G is as much about human benefits as technological innovation. So our vision is less about the technological enablers and more about the outcomes; the benefits; about truly delivering the human possibilities of technology.
* We characterize this as “the Programmable World”. Things like driverless and semi-autonomous cars, which can save lives and reduce pollution. Things like automated systems that can bring a whole new level of efficiency to city-wide water consumption, or safer and more efficient office premises and transportation systems in crowded cities around the world.

On 4G and 5G

* When we consider current 4G technologies, they have been designed to cater for huge increases in data traffic. They were designed for tablets and phones all being used at once to download videos and e-mail and to browse.
* 5G is also about a massive increase in capacity – about 10,000 times more than back in 2010. But, in addition, it’s about enabling the next generation Internet of Things (IoT) and much more. Beyond new 5G radio, it is going to be a “system of systems”, combining technologies from legacy 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, to cloud, big data analytics, network virtualization, and software defined networking (SDN).

On security

* Security is an absolute must and we see rapidly increasing interest in it this year. A few years ago, Nokia really focused on “Quality”. Now we need to do the same for “Telco security”.
* Just as an example, we have opened a Nokia Security Center in Berlin and have a product called Nokia Mobile Guard that can predict traffic patterns and loopholes in networks.

Click here to watch a video of Rajeev Suri’s speech.

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