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Nokia iSON brings the freedom of autopilot to 60 operators

This blog is by Rolf Maste at Nokia Networks.
Twitter: @nokianetworks

Recently, on a return flight home after an action-packed road show in Prague, I relaxed into my seat and switched mentally to autopilot. It made me think about the early years of aviation, before airplanes were equipped with autopilot. As airplanes and their instrumentation became more complex, the need for automation was clear. Today, autopilot allows pilots to focus on the essentials such as navigation and safety, while the tool does the routine work, brings comfort to the passengers, and even saves fuel. Automation replaced part of the pilots' work, bringing quality and efficiency in return. But does this mean pilots now have less control? No, in fact they have more.


I believe that in the near future we will say the same about networks. When all networks adopt full-fledged, closed loop self-optimization and self-healing, they behave more in accordance with the operators' plans.

Nokia Networks customers are well on their way. Brazil’s Algar Telecom is now the 60th operator to take Nokia’s unique hybrid iSON (intelligent Self Organizing Networks) into use in their multi-vendor network. Algar Telecom is modernizing its core and radio network and deploying Nokia Networks’ 3G and LTE award-winning network, which will also include VoLTE. Algar Telecom will then use iSON to achieve a close to 100% hand-over success rate as well as to automate the planning of cell identifiers. This will help the Brazilian operator maximize quality and return on investment, thus unleashing the best possible performance of its network.

The power of iSON is that it’s a single hybrid and vendor-agnostic solution. Nokia iSON has increased call success rates by over 30%, reduced the number of site visits by half, and reduced configuration times from hours to minutes, just to name a few examples. It has won awards from three different independent bodies and is the only SON solution to be awarded in the fields of LTE, 3G, GSM and the core network.

With Nokia’s recent announcement to acquire Eden Rock, a SON pioneer, it will be exciting to combine the best algorithms, capabilities and know-how of both companies. Network complexity continues to rise and the competition between operators doesn’t give much room to sit back and relax... 

Inform your colleagues about the benefits of Nokia intelligent Self Organizing Networks! Check out this handy infographic.

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Rolf Maste

About Rolf Maste

Rolf is responsible for marketing of Nokia Networks’ Self Organizing Networks solution, iSON and is passionate about bringing the advantages of automation to operators. He confesses however, that he doesn’t own a robotic lawn mower or automated vacuum cleaner but promises to order cruise control for his next car.

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