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Nokia Networks wins Leading Lights award for Security Strategy

This blog is by Gerald Reddig, Security Marketing Manager at Nokia Networks.Twitter: @geraldreddig

Last night at Chicago’s Field Museum, Light Reading hosted its annual Leading Lights program, one of the telecom industry’s most prestigious awards program, focused on next-generation communications technologies, applications, services, and strategies.

Nokia Networks won the Leading Lights award in the new category “Most Innovative Security Strategy for vendors” with its Security in Networks for Internet of Things solution.

Nokia Networks provides a secure and resilient Mobile Network infrastructure ready to support the challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT) and dedicated solutions to detect and prevent security attacks from IoT devices.

At Mobile World Congress 2015, Nokia Networks launched the second generation of its network-based malware detection and mitigation solution Mobile Guard, which is optimized for the new and extremely complex embedded applications that drive the IoT.

Nokia Networks' new Mobile Guard solution analyzes network traffic patterns of telco services such as mobile broadband, SMS and voice, offering earlier malware detection than conventional systems that employ classic signature mechanisms and other generic methods. Nokia Mobile Guard also notifies the users, blocks the affected services on the network and helps subscribers cleanse their infected smart devices.

You can watch the Nokia Mobile Guard solution in action here.

The Internet of Things will certainly bring greater awareness of the security status of mobile networks. This will in turn allow proactive mitigation of infected devices to reduce operational expenditure and maintain service quality.

Our Nokia Security Center in Berlin gives mobile operators the opportunity to see live demonstrations of hacker scenarios and solutions to better understand the need for network protection.

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Gerald Reddig

About Gerald Reddig

Gerald leads the global portfolio marketing efforts for Nokia’s security solutions. He is a member of the broadband forum, directs Nokia´s membership in the IoT Cybersecurity Alliance and steers Nokia´s Security center in Finland. Gerald is on the speaker’s circuit at international conferences and a recognized author on the topics he’s passionate about: cybersecurity technology, data privacy and finding the right solutions to prevent vulnerabilities, hacker trojans or man-in-the-middle attacks.

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