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Nokia OZO is breaking new ground with innovative audio features

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2020 is already an exciting year for OZO. Fresh on the heels of last year’s product launches, we’re excited to introduce features that continue to put OZO at the forefront of device audio. This year, we’re building upon our existing OZO Audio, introducing new solutions alongside our Capture and Edit offerings, and also bringing new features in OZO Playback platform.

New solutions for growing uses

The biggest update to our lineup is the introduction of a new set of solutions in addition to our OZO Audio Capture and Edit solutions, currently aimed directly at enhancing the audio possibilities for users that create and share content with their devices. One of the fastest growing trends in device audio, however, is not content creation at all. It’s voice assistants. More and more, voice assistants are becoming a critical focus for consumers and the device makers filling that need. So, we’ve added what we call Assist solutions to the OZO Audio stable, directed at improving and enhancing the voice assistant capabilities of smart devices.

The newest feature in that family is Audio Detect. Audio Detect helps voice assistants perform in real-world conditions where wind and background noise can disrupt voice recognition. Whether used outdoors, while driving or another out of home use, voice assistant performance degrades dramatically when on the go. By enhancing speech recognition with powerful wind noise reduction and mic optimization algorithms, users can be heard the first time, every time.

The creators have spoken

While voice assistant usage is growing, user-generated content also continues to grow at a blistering pace. For both professionals and casual users alike, we’re seeing the need to push the boundaries to help automate the process of capturing quality audio and video.

For this, we developed a new feature called Audio Framing. By mapping the sonic landscape and pinpointing the strongest audio sources, it opens up a whole new world of use cases. In tandem with Audio Focus or Audio Zoom, Audio Framing enables clever audio modes that bring new solutions to storytelling. For instance, a hypothetical “interview” mode could be created where Audio Framing detects the origin of strongest voices and directs front and back cameras to film where that audio is originating from. This is just one of many use cases Audio Framing can solve for.

Playback Panorama for headphones

In addition to new features in OZO Audio, we’ve also made advancements in OZO Playback with the addition of Playback Panorama for headphones designed specifically with headphone audio in mind. Using modified technology from Playback Panorama for loudspeakers, Playback Panorama for headphones applies intelligent processing broadening the sound field for truly amazing audio.

Better together

With continuing enhancements in both our OZO Audio and OZO Playback portfolios, the real benefits truly unlock when two are paired – OZO Audio-captured content that perfectly recreates immersive audio, and OZO Playback which plays back sounds in breathtaking detail and clarity. Utilized and optimized together end-to-end, results in a device audio experience from capture to playback that is unparalleled.

With the introduction of these new features in addition to the already dynamic OZO platform, we’re continuing to strengthen our offering to be the leading audio solution for devices in the years to come.

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