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Nokia sets quality standard with QuEST

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In a world with the Internet of Things, driverless cars and virtual “just about anything,” the need for universal quality standards has never been greater. At the same time, the challenge of identifying and implementing standards among an ever-growing and diverse group of industry players is also significant.

At Nokia, we see this as an opportunity. This is the reason why we are involved in organizations like QuEST Forum, the creator of the most widely accepted set of quality standards in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry – TL 9000. QuEST Forum brings together more than 200 ICT suppliers and service providers to implement a common set of quality standards, best practices and measurement systems supporting current and future technologies.

As an active member of the Forum, Nokia drives strategic industry-wide initiatives through leadership at the board, regional and work-group levels.

Working hand-in-hand with other ICT companies, Nokia plays an important role in setting the quality course for the ICT industry. In recognition of our contributions, Nokia was awarded membership in QuEST Forum’s exclusive 340 Club in 2016.

Our leadership was further demonstrated in 2016 when Deepti Arora, Nokia’s Chief Quality Officer, was elected vice-chair of QuEST Forum’s Executive Board and then advanced this year to become the chairperson. In this capacity, she will support major initiatives of QuEST Forum’s 2020 vision, including collaborating with other industry organizations, focusing on emerging technologies, evolving TL 9000 and engaging service providers.

What do we know about the Cost of Poor Quality?

Another important initiative championed by Deepti through QuEST Forum is to deepen understanding of the Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ). This initiative focused on CoPQ elements across a group of telecom equipment providers and involved the development of consistent definitions, guidelines, measurements and reporting models for key performance indicators. Benchmarking began in early 2016 and continues today with several major telecom suppliers.

Looking forward to 2017, Deepti noted that, “QuEST Forum has a unique opportunity: to define what quality will mean in an increasingly automated and connected world. As a global industry player, Nokia has both the responsibility and the ambition to play a decisive role in shaping quality's evolution. After all, at Nokia, we are committed to making quality the heart of our brand and benchmark of the industry.”

Learn more about QuEST Forum’s CoPQ initiative.

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