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Nokia showcases the future of sound on consumer devices at NAB

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Greetings from Las Vegas, where the NAB Show 2018 has kicked off and we couldn’t be more excited! As the largest media, entertainment and technology show in the world, with 1,700 exhibitors and 100,000 attendees, this is the place to see how media and entertainment, and new technologies, are coming together to transform content creation for professionals and amateurs.

While device manufacturers have continued to innovate in image and video capture, audio technology is still lagging behind particularly for consumers. The ability to capture audio that is true-to-life is rapidly becoming a consumer expectation, just as the ability to capture images and video in HD is.

At our booth (SU5515) we’re showcasing OZO Audio, our industry-leading solution for capturing high quality and spatial audio and enabling playback on a range of popular consumer devices including cameras, video and audio recorders and smartphones.

All it takes to ruin a great video is bad audio

Your favorite Hollywood blockbuster wouldn’t be as exciting without its great soundtrack. People understand that the key to creating engaging content lies in the marriage of quality visuals with great audio. Yet despite the common sense of this, consumer device manufacturers seem to still be ignoring the importance of audio.


 With this limited investment in audio, consumers are left to purchase other external hardware to ensure the best quality sound.

The times they are a-changin’

At Nokia, we have been looking at this challenge closely, finding ways we can use our technology to help mobile device manufacturers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace through the best quality audio experiences. The result is Nokia OZO Audio – technology that creates a true-to-life sound experience with spatial audio without the need for proprietary or specialist hardware

By using multiple microphones to capture the depth, direction and detail of sound, device manufacturers can now bolster (not to mention differentiate) their products by including 3D audio experiences.



OZO Audio offers device manufacturers the ability to give consumers:

  1. Superior spatial sound capture with OZO Sound: our software mimics how human hearing works, capturing and delivering the full richness of the original sound – depth, direction and detail, all within one degree of accuracy – without missing a moment, even if it’s out of frame.
  2. Focus on the sounds that matter most using OZO Focus: we give people the ability to select and prioritize the sound they want to feature in their recording wherever it might be in the sound stage. The intensity of the audio focus can be dialled up or down, working much like how you might zoom in, blur or blot out part of an image to focus attention.
  3. Universal playback and sharing of spatial audio recordings: this means spatial audio experiences are always playable and can be shared with virtually any device, even those without OZO Audio. After all, what value is great immersive content if you can’t share it, or your friends and family can’t experience it, because you need specialist equipment to play it. That’s why OZO Audio supports common audio standards, like AAC, so content can be played on a range of popular devices and shared on social media.

We will be telling the NAB Show attendees we meet this week that the time is right for manufacturers to turn their attention to innovating in audio too. Sharing our lives, and fostering interaction and community, has become more important than ever, and we want the ability to do it in a way that helps us connect more naturally –  and in a more authentically human way – with others. That means capturing the images and sounds of our lives in a way that gives the viewer a true-to-life experience.

Come experience for yourself the exceptional sound enabled by OZO Audio across consumer devices if you’re at NAB 2018 in Las Vegas by visiting our booth SU5515.

Learn more about our spatial audio technology here

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