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Nokia is transforming audio capture on smartphones


Since The Jazz Singer in 1927, generations of movie audiences have known that great sound makes great movies. In recent years we have all become storytellers. 400 hours of user-generated content is uploaded on YouTube every minute (source: statista). Our smartphones have become the tool of choice to tell the stories of our lives.

The great news is that the camera technology on these devices has advanced at a rapid rate. Our smartphones enable us to capture high-resolution video that would have been the domain of the professional only a few years ago and we can share that immediately with the press of a button.

But let’s be honest, the audio quality of these beautiful looking videos is bad. Often very bad. Audio technology on consumer devices just hasn’t kept pace with the innovation we’ve seen in video and image capture. Many of the most sophisticated 4K or HD smartphones available today record their audio in, at best, stereo, but more likely mono.

At Nokia we decided it’s time for this to change. Consumers should not have to put up with 1920s quality audio in 2018. It is time that our audio experience matched what can be achieved on video.

We have a long history of innovation in audio to draw on to transform how people capture and share their stories. So today we are working with the world’s leading device manufacturers and designers to help them match their video capture capabilities with great audio technology.

OZO Audio is our first licensed technology. It is an industry-leading solution for capturing high quality and spatial audio on consumer devices with as little as two microphones. Spatial audio enables you to capture true to life sound that accurately reflects the original event by using multiple microphones to record the depth, direction and detail of sound. It quite simply makes the listener feel like they are right there in the action hearing it just as you did when you pressed record.

capture depth


But we haven’t stopped the innovation there.

With OZO Audio Focus you can also focus the recording on the action of most interest to you. You can prioritize what sound you want to feature wherever this may be in the sound stage. You can turn up the action and turn down or remove distracting ‘background’ sound to make your content more engaging.

Audio focus enabled


Finally, we believe you shouldn’t have to wait to share your spatial audio content or use special equipment to listen to it. After all what’s the point of a great video if nobody can see and hear it?  OZO Audio recordings support the most common audio formats in use like stereo AAC so you can share content or post it on social media today. This also means that anyone can experience your recording exactly how you intended – no special playback equipment is required.

Content created with OZO Audio is a much more immersive and engaging experience. It takes user-generated content to a new level where the audio finally stands side-by-side with the pictures.  But don’t take my word for it.  Hear for yourself how you can capture music in the moment, or the action that surrounds you on every side with OZO Audio:

Tomorrow’s successful user-generated content will be defined not just by how good the pictures and audio are but how much the sound plays its part in telling the story. We demand this of our professionally produced motion pictures, we will soon expect that of our personal stories.

We believe OZO Audio is a technology that enables device designers and manufacturers to respond quickly to a growing desire for high-quality sound and reach beyond that to offer the ability to record content with fantastic spatial sound. Their customers no longer just expect to hear the sound more clearly, they want to experience it. Capturing and sharing spatial audio experiences will be a key point of differentiation for new generation devices.

Experience OZO Audio for yourself here.

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