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Why I have one of the coolest jobs at Nokia

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Partner ecosystems = the power of together

Nokia Chief Strategy Officer, Kathrin Buvac welcoming our partners at MWC2017

Anyone who attended Mobile World Congress 2017 could see that our industry is entering a very exciting new era.  IoT is now delivering its promise with more and more new deployments and innovative end-to-end solutions, on a daily basis.  Consumers and enterprises are experiencing the digitization of their worlds accelerating at an unprecedented pace.

End-to-end communications today is becoming more open and yet more complex, where everything must work together seamlessly, from the ever-growing variety of intelligent devices, to secure and stable connectivity, through the capture of vast amounts of analytics, to the big data engines that process it, and, finally, to the human value that it brings to make it all meaningful.  Looking forward, we see virtually any device being offered “as a service” -  mobility in all forms, rail locomotives, jet engines, you name it.  And what is truly fascinating is how our industry is coming together to support this innovation through partner ecosystems. Nokia is actively driving this change because we know it is fundamental to development of the IoT and 5G era.

Ecosystems work when industry leaders find new ways to combine strengths to establish the secure connectivity of the devices (from tiny sensors to hydroelectric turbines and everything in between) to the analytics engines and applications that enable innovative new business models for consuming it all.

It was inspiring to see the opportunities showcased by Nokia’s ecosystem of partners at MWC 2017, who represent many of the best brands and companies worldwide. Close to 40 strategic partners, including Accenture, Facebook, GE, HPE, Intel, along with representatives from Dell (EMC and VMware), IBM, Qualcomm joined Nokia to show how we are collaborating to accelerate innovation and adoption of emerging technology and solutions.

We encourage innovators, from the largest companies to small agile players, to participate in this mission by working with us and with the various forums where Nokia contributes:  ng Connect IoT Community, Open Compute Project (OCP) and Telecom Infra Project (TIP), MulteFire, the 5G Automotive Association, the CBRS Alliance, as well as Dell IoT Solutions Partners Program, to name a few. Also, check out our Nokia Innovation Platform if you too are looking to shape the future of the connected world.

I’m not kidding when I say that I must have one of the coolest jobs in Nokia. I’m truly excited about what innovations in technology promise to bring for our human experience.  And I’m very proud to lead the Nokia team that is developing this ecosystem of trusted partners.  Together, we will simplify our customers’ challenges to ensure the reliability of networks and connectivity, and the security of the data they transport, as we create the technology to connect the world.

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Laurent Le Gourrierec

About Laurent Le Gourrierec

Laurent leads Nokia’s Strategic Partnerships organization. This means defining and managing joint go-to-market, product development and end-to-end solutions with the world’s largest high-tech companies: Accenture, HPE, IBM, Dell, Intel, Qualcomm, Facebook, and many others. Laurent also represents Nokia at the Board of Team8 (the leading Israeli VC fund dedicated to cyber-security) and at the Board of the Telecom Infra Project. He regularly shares his enthusiasm with MBA students and SMB executives through masterclasses at HEC Business School.

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