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OSSii ecosystem growing strong as ZTE, Tektronix and Anite join the family

This blog is by Juha Röyskö at Nokia Networks.
Twitter: @NokiaNetworks

I’m happy to announce the signing of three new bilateral Operations Support Systems interoperability initiative (OSSii) contracts that will boost the growing ecosystem and ensure openness and interoperability between different vendors equipment. Welcome to the family ZTE , Tektronix and Anite!

The agreement between Nokia Networks and ZTE will facilitate integration efforts between each others’ network elements and delivery of pre-integrated and tested multivendor-capable Customer Experience Management (CEM) and OSS tools. Through earlier OSSii contracts between the initiating vendors, we are already witnessing big benefits to operators. For example, the improved quality and speedy delivery of release upgrades in customer environments now cuts the time it used to take in the previous lengthy 3-way-NDA processes to half. HALF! Why? Because OSSii agreements allow for documentation and testing environments to be shared automatically.

ZTE visited the town of Nokia in Finland during the OSSii agreement negotiations in June 2015

With Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Tektronix Communications (recently acquired by NETSCOUT), we’re opening doors to help them integrate with Nokia’s OSS in a timely fashion to ensure disruption-free operation of products and services offered to mutual operator customers. By making use of our OSSii test environment, Tektronix is able to add value to their integrated software quality making customer deliveries smoother than ever.

The agreement with Anite, another ISV, now provides them access to an LTE OSS data and test environment and will allow them to analyze and optimize networks faster and more efficiently.

OSSii delivers proven value to our customers

As one of the founders of the OSSi initiative in May 2013, Nokia continues to actively campaign for better interworking OSS across the industry and has already signed bilateral agreements with Ericsson, Huawei and Reverb. And expectations are growing. The main question I received during the last Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) conference was “when will you announce new OSSii contracts?!”

With the new ZTE, Tektronix Communications and Anite agreements, we wish to further encourage open ecosystems and to boost the innovation of multi-vendor CEM and OSS solutions for the benefit of operators and the whole communications ecosystem that depends on highly performing networks.

Check out the OSSii portal for more info.

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Juha Roysko

About Juha Roysko

Juha heads Nokia Networks’ OSSii activities and product management of multivendor integrations. Why? Because he’s great at figuring out how to make complicated things work together and has held various OSS roles in product management, partnering and solutions sales. Outside of work, Juha keeps it simple, enjoying Finland’s freshwater lakes, clean nature and family.

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