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OZO Audio proudly enters the world of vlogger cameras


For the Nokia OZO team, we’ve worked tirelessly to advance device audio technology for all manner of user. From the onset, our focus has been to put our technology in the hands of everyday users to enhance the mundane performance of currently available audio technology. While smartphone makers make the most obvious choice for our OZO Audio, we’ve always envisioned many use case scenarios across a broad array of device types. Which is why today is so exciting for us!

Today, Panasonic has released its new Lumix G100 mirrorless camera, a digital single mirrorless lens camera designed specifically for vlogging and creative content. And, it’s also the first camera to employ OZO Audio, technology trusted by the team at Panasonic to take on the rigorous demands of its prosumer customers. This discerning audience knows that good audio makes all the difference.  

When starting this project with Panasonic, the brief was simple – create a device audio experience worthy of professional vloggers and content creators that doesn’t require any external hardware. Admittedly, we’re biased, but we can think of no better audio solution than OZO Audio to handle the myriad needs of high-output content creators. Superior spatial audio capture of course is just one facet. But, in the eyes of vloggers, there are so many challenges when it comes to audio – wind noise being one of the biggest. 

For vlogging, we identified that capturing crystal-clear speech takes priority since so much of that content relies on spoken commentary. There is any number of scenarios that the audio needs to perform, whether it’s interview-style or first-person selfie-style commentary – indoor, outdoor, and in motion. With this in mind, we optimized Audio 3D, Audio Focus, Audio Zoom and Audio Windscreen around the LUMIX G100’s three-mic array configuration. 

What is truly special with the LUMIX G100 is that it is the first device in the market to dynamically adjust the Audio Focus direction and the amount of Audio Zoom based on the camera’s face-tracking via its Tracking mode feature. We helped the Panasonic team implement this sophisticated feature along with static Audio Focus modes to the front and back directions, as well as the ability for the user to switch capturing pure spatial audio via a Surround mode. These modes together provide powerful audio controls to suit the situation. 

The LUMIX G100 is an amazing vlogger-oriented camera and the result of a highly productive collaboration that unlocks the very best of OZO Audio. We’re so proud of this project…who knows, maybe our next post will be a vlog post instead! (Shot on a LUMIX G100, of course).

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