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Proximus boosted spares & repairs delivery accuracy by 100% - here’s how

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Anticipation in this industry is essential – I think of it as the preventative medicine of networks. Operators can’t afford to wait and react to network incidents; there’s a need to foresee and solve them before end users are impacted.  Not only does this help ensure an excellent user experience, but also benefits operational efficiency, protects revenues and optimizes costs.

In an effort to help operators proactively identify and eliminate potential hardware issues before they become problems, Nokia has revitalized its HW services portfolio roadmap to turn this mission into real value for customers.



Belgium’s largest mobile network operator, provides a great example. Although they had a system in place to run their own spare parts operations, the sheer number of vendors involved made it challenging to operate effectively. It’s a vital function, yet one that is not part of an operator’s core business. Staff resources would surely be better employed creating and supporting innovative ways to earn revenue by keeping subscribers happy. So Proximus asked Nokia to act as a single point of contact to handle both spare part and supply chain management for the operator’s mobile and fixed networks.

Delivery accuracy of spares and repairs improved by up 98.98%, as Proximus was relieved of managing many events/year, each with lead times of up to two hours. Likewise, the quality of repairs improved, and Proximus technicians were kept in the loop via a tool provided by Nokia that can also be used to develop detailed reports. Proximus will still own the existing equipment supply and support contracts with its OEMs, so there is no need to renegotiate or transfer the contract ownership to Nokia.

With Nokia’s Spare Supply Chain Management (SSCM) and Spare Parts Management (SPM) services, our company is already yet well prepared to handle the whole spare parts management and repair activities for multi-vendor networks acting as a single point of contact. Additionally, Nokia’s Asset Recovery services are supporting operators’ needs on resource-efficient operations and network transformation.

According to Silvio Pastrani, Material Management expert at Proximus:

The project governance is very well done, through the follow up and coordination by the local team, which has taken end-to end ownership of the service. Nokia has shown a very positive attitude, flexibility and a problem-solving mindset. Nokia’s delivery services show great flexibility, with emergency deliveries around the clock, next business day and planned deliveries. The end-to-end process includes collection and deliveries in the field, warehousing, asset recovery and interaction with third party repair centers.”

Take a deeper dive into the Proximus success story here and visit our Predictive Care page and Nokia Cloud Care

Did you know: Nokia is one of the top 15 software companies in the world, providing care services support for over 600 customers.

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