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Quality test finds Nokia in 7 of top 10 operator networks

Let’s talk about the re-emergence of network quality as a key topic in our industry. How many of you out there have noticed your own operator advertising the reliability, coverage and speed of their networks far more than ever before? As we move towards 5G with increased network complexity and the raft of new services it will bring –operators are betting heavily on network quality and new services as the differentiators for customer retention and acquisition. Likewise, with margins running wafer thin and prices coming down, there isn’t much scope left to squeeze the prices. In fact, network quality and reliability are already proving to be the decisive factor.

So as consumers, what impact does it have if we learn that a network is ranked number 1 in performance ranking? What if the data connection is measured as the best of the lot, the voice connection is deemed fastest and super clear and the network coverage considered superior? Operators often cite these results and ratings in TV ads, print media, marketing material and webpages - for example: Fastest Mobile Network, Highest in Wireless Network Quality, Country’s best Network, etc.

Just like the consumer product reports and testing panels, so too are there independent benchmarking tests for network operators They help consumers make informed decisions regarding their choice of operator and help operators compare their network performance. Better network quality perception among end customers benefits the operators.

Connect and P3 are two such globally recognized, independent authorities performing mobile network testing. In their recent tests, examining networks across 10 countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Croatia, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Greece and Australia, I’m happy to report that of the 10 operators winning top honors in the ultimate performance test – 7 have Nokia as their only, or one of their prime, technology partners.

This chart-topping performance is a strong testimony and recognition of Nokia’s commitment to to provide the best in class technology and solutions to its customers. We make no secret of pushing for quality above all - but we must as networks continue to evolve and need to stand every test of time. And consumers around the world clearly agree.

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Vishal Agnihotri

About Vishal Agnihotri

Vishal Agnihotri is responsible for AirScale marketing at Nokia, which makes sense given his passion for marketing, technology and innovation. Based in India, he’s worked with many operators and telecom vendors, introducing new technologies and solutions to simplify networks and make them better. What excites him most is how our industry enables human interaction in all forms to bring the world closer together.

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