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A rental car that becomes you

A better car sharing experience

Rental car services can be tailored to their consumers and travel… from in-car personalization to integrated travel and itinerary to expense management.

Nokia is working with Concur, Continental, Hertz,SAP and others to create this seamless, intelligent connected rental car service.

  • Imagine upon arriving at the airport that you are greeted with a message providing directions to your awaiting rental car.
  • Upon entering the car, you find your seat and mirrors have been automatically adjusted… your music preferences are programmed, your journey and your infotainment profile has been loaded, your desired in-car climate and favorite scent.
  • Upon leaving, the car knows your destination and provides directions. It also knows your schedule -- if you’re delayed it can book you into a hotel and when you leave it can check you out.
  • When arriving at your destination, the car helps you find a place to park; pays for all of your fueling, tolls and parking charges; and conveniently pulls all of the expenses into a single trip expense account.

The service connects a rental car with an application on the user’s phone to automatically upload their preferences to the car, provide directions, find parking spaces, lock the car using the phone, and more.

Nokia’s IMPACT IoT Platform manages devices and sensors in the vehicle to monitor traffic flow, personalize driver settings and entertainment; configure in-vehicle communications; remotely monitor fuel levels, vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

The SAP Vehicle Network’s Platform makes parking and fueling simple. The car can:

  • Reserve a parking spot based on a calendar of events or search
  • Find a spot in real time based on the connected vehicle’s location
  • Act as digital wallet to pay for the spot
  • Aggregate all travel-related expenses into a single trip expense report that with one click can be immediately submitted after the trip is completed

Car sharing services is expected to be a significant revenue generator in 2021, with The Boston Consulting Group projecting revenues reaching €4.7 billion. With the rise of mobility, autonomous driving and the integration of the personalized car as part of digital life, a new generation of consumers no longer feel the need to be burdened with car ownership. They simply prefer to hire, rent or carpool whenever they need to travel. Research conducted by Ford Motor Company and the Zeitgeist institute found that 37 percent of Generation Y want to use a car at any time, but I do not have to own it. In addition, 46 percent said car sharing is an important step towards solving traffic problems in cities.

The clear trend is for personalized car sharing services to become an extension of us – knowing our preferences, our schedules and destination and intelligently assisting us to simplify our lives.

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