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Seasons change and so should networks

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This blog is part of an on-going series, which looks at how Nokia AirScale Radio Access and AirScale Cloud RAN can help bridge today’s networks with those of tomorrow.

As summer fades, the clouds that signal autumn gather near. Yet, one cloud that shouldn’t make us grab for our umbrellas is the telco cloud. While the adoption of the cloud in core networks is common-place, the cloud-based radio access network (RAN) is at an earlier stage of adoption.

One of the reasons why moving to the cloud makes so much sense is that networks must stay current to stay competitive. They can only do so by rapidly adapting to changing demands, sometimes in very short cycles. Put another way, trying to manage new needs with legacy approaches doesn’t usually produce the best business results, which is where the Cloud RAN comes into its own. It has the necessary flexibility to adapt with the times and crucially, extend its investment value well into the future.

Understandably, much of the focus in cloud RAN has been in relation to 4G, but why not consider starting the adoption of Cloud RAN elsewhere, for example in the 3G network?

Conversations I have had with operators indicate that they like this idea, especially as it allows implementation in a less prolific functional area; as the saying goes, “big things have small beginnings”. With this in mind, the Nokia AirScale RNC (Radio Network Controller), for 3G might just be the place to start that new beginning.

It’s part of Nokia AirScale Cloud RAN product portfolio and has completed extensive trials and pilots with a number of leading operators. These have proven that it really does hit all the right business and tech buttons, which is great news; moreover, it’s now commercially available.

So what better time to consider saying “good-bye” to the old power hungry and potentially bottleneck-creating RNC cabinets lurking in your network and say “hello” to the future by moving this essential function to the cloud?

The AirScale RNC is an industry first and has received significant attention. This webinar was particularly popular: Win in 3G, be ready for 5G. In addition, our live demonstrations earlier this year raised more than a few eyebrows, because, as well as the RNC, we also demonstrated a 2G Base Station Controller in the cloud, both running on the same cloud infrastructure - just to show how flexible the solution really is.

Feedback from our customers has been very positive, backed by strong key performance indicators. In particular, MTel, Bulgariapart of the Telekom Austria Group, has been instrumental in our pilot program, and recently announced the now proven capabilities and benefits of the AirScale RNC to local press.

I look forward to updating you on future commercial deployments and encourage you to take that next step into the future of networks powered by AirScale Radio Access and AirScale Cloud RAN. You’ll be glad you did.

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Darrell Davies

About Darrell Davies

Darrell Davies, senior marketing manager at Nokia, is responsible for the imaginative marketing of Nokia’s AirScale radio access network portfolio. This role draws on his wealth of experience in the mobile telecommunications industry, in which he has worked for more than twenty years. This high-tech engineering background is allied with considerable experience in marketing management and a master’s degree in business administration.

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