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Seven Winning innovations in telco cloud and Big Data Analytics

This blog is by Kanika Atri at Nokia Networks.Twitter: @KanikaAtri

If I had to describe Nokia Networks’ open innovation mindset in two sentences, I’d pick these:

“Good ideas can come from anywhere” and “Collaboration is everything when it comes to innovation”

With exactly that in mind, Nokia Networks launched the Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge on April 10, 2014, to seek transformational ideas around telco cloud and Big Data Analytics. A total of75 jury members representing leaders from Nokia, venture capitalists, operators, consultants and innovation experts voted rigorously on 90 submissions, investing over 500 hours to select 7 finalists and 11 demo spot winners, who were then invited to the grand finale event on July 2, 2014.

Industry analysts also took note: “At a time when service innovation and agility are more important than ever, efforts to build ecosystems based on open dialogue and collaboration are undeniably valuable. Nokia’s Open Innovation Challenge is a good example of bringing established companies (along with their partners, customers and resources) and innovators together, resulting in a platform that allows startups to shine,” said Peter Jarich, Vice President, Consumer and Infrastructure, Current Analysis.

Congratulations to all 18 cool innovations selected! Here’s a sneak peek into the seven finalists: .

 Midokura – Winner in Telco Cloud category

 Midokura, a Silicon Valley-based company, won for their ‘MidoNet’ innovation which addresses the problem of making carrier grade cloud as economical and agile as enterprise cloud, with no lock-in for software or hardware. Midonet’s Network Virtualization Overlay redefines SDN by creating a logical network that uses existing IP physical network, but the packets are run through simulated network topology and devices. Switching, routing, Firewall, load-balancer, VPN all become logical software devices decoupled from the physical network, allowing capex reduction and differentiated services to be provisioned quickly.

 Watch Midokura’s journey through the challenge.

ParStream – Winner in Big Data Analytics category

Traditional database technology was not designed for colossal data volumes, and newer database technologies aren’t fast enough to query and analyze big data. ParStream offers a new database technology to deliver both Big Data and Fast data, without using cubes, projections or pre-aggregation. It uses a patented indexing approach, to deliver sub-second response time on terabytes of data, and requires just a fraction of the infrastructure of other solutions, to provide immediate insights from massive, continuously growing big data in real-time. Based in the Silicon Valley, ParStream already has customers in ecommerce, finance, retail etc.

 Watch ParStream’s video and presentation.

StreetLight Data – Winner of ‘Most Promising Startup’

 StreetLight Data, is a Silicon Valley company that has successfully monetized anonymous telco data, within a month of their solution launch. Commercial real estate decisions, such as retail site selection, marketing, and city planning are based on limited understanding of consumer movement. StreetLight uses anonymous and archived data from cellular and GPS networks to provide new insights into how people commute, shop and travel in the real world. They infer group patterns and sell those as metrics in a data-as-a-service platform available online. For retailers it means lower cost and time to information vs man-months of modeling and improved accuracy of predictions.

Take a look at StreetLights’ compelling value proposition.

 Jolata – Finalist in Big data analytics

 Based in Silicon Valley, Jolata is the youngest company to make it to the finals. To guarantee performance SLAs in new SDN/NFV-enabled networks, operators need ‘eyes’ with microscopic vision into every packet and flow. Jolata’s ‘Observation point’ is a virtually zero footprint software probe which installs anywhere in the network to report end-to-end latency in unparalleled detail with microsecond accuracy at millisecond intervals. It can tag, follow every packet/flow, regardless of network path, identify unknown/unsuspected network problems in real-time and provide unprecedented KPI granularity. The tsunami of Jolata metrics collected, processed and stored also provide a recommendation engine for predictive and prescriptive network operations.

See Jolata’s video showcasing it’s real-time network performance management and analytics solution

NetNumber – Finalist in telco cloud

 NetNumber is based in Massachusetts, USA specialized in delivering signaling control solutions. Their innovative general purpose signaling platform

TITAN, is the industry’s only common infrastructure that virtualizes real-time signaling control, policy enforcement and subscriber database services to reduce signaling complexity and traffic by 50%. This enables a simplified core network where all signaling control services (ENUM/DNS, SIP, DIAMETER, SS7/C7 and SIGTRAN) are provided on a common TITAN infrastructure. With TITAN, there is no need to deploy, manage or maintain silo hardware solutions, opening up a new market for centralized signaling & routing control.

Take a look at NetNumber’s presentations through the event

Danateq – Finalist in Big data analytics

Danateq is based in Singapore and focused on applying their robotics expertise to telecoms. The gap in current analytics and customer experience management solutions is closing thanks to insight and action with prediction and iteration. Danateq’s LINK platform offers a real-time self-learning "cognitive" analytics engine that implements continuously improving automated business processes through cognitive loops. In telecoms, it creates 360° customer views for operators as the first step to a cognitive enterprise. Danateq already ports its commercial Cognitive Enterprise Analytics platform to industries such as banking, media, airlines, retail and energy.

Meet Danateq through this video of their journey with Nokia

NetRounds – Finalist in Telco Cloud

 NetRounds is transforming the testing and measurement industry with its subscription-based network appliance that turns x86 hardware or virtual machines into professional test and measurement devices. Whereas it used to take days for RF planners to set up tests for troubleshooting base stations, NetRounds can do this in 3 minutes, with its built-in automation, APIs and instant remote deployment that saves up to 90% of manual work! Handheld, hardware based testers are expensive, non-scalable and also useless in virtual networks.NetRounds’s cloud controlled SaaS toolbox offers instant network troubleshooting with no hardware costs while combining interactive testing and 24/7 monitoring.

Take a look at NetRounds’ innovation in use with 170+ customers globally

In seventh gear with Nokia

Nokia Networks and Nokia Growth Partners are now actively engaged with all 18 finalists and demo spot winners to evaluate possible partnering, joint solutions, joint sales, investment or acquisition opportunities. Nokia has also assigned each with an ‘Innovation Champion’ - our best and most experienced innovation leaders - to help guide them through next steps.

Stay tuned for my next blog where I’ll profile the demo spot winners:Vitria, InMobly, PhoneNear, APIMetrics, Cognia, OSISoft, KT-TECH and Metro-Tech.

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