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Shout out to startups and innovators in IoT: Nokia Innovation Platform may be for you!

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics are challenging environments for startups due to the end-to-end system complexity and heavy protocol stack requirements, which make innovation cycles long or even impossible.

Time waits for no-one in tech

When innovating it’s important to develop and test use cases as fast as possible, feedback is important to mature the ideas quickly. This is followed by demonstrating the value of the use case in a credible, real life pilot with first potential customers. While many start-ups have exceptional skills in their field of expertise e.g. data science or health care application, they often do not have access to relevant technology and platforms to go on this path of rapid realization and show their true commercial and business value. For startups the question is how they can access these technologies at an early stage in the development?

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The answer is the Nokia Innovation Platform - an open live network development and trial environment for ecosystem partners, start-ups and other contributors, which will be launched on 30 November at SLUSH Helsinki, one of Europe’s leading startup events.

Connectivity, mobility and application development are key features of the Nokia Innovation Platform, which will provide connectivity solutions with multiple access methods depending on geographical location. These include, core network services with IoT protocols, real time data analytics, sliced core data and traffic management as well as rapid IoT deployment capabilities and secured infrastructure.

By using the Nokia Innovation Platform, startups can focus their limited resources on their own value-add activities. It’s all about bringing together different companies including startups, enterprises and scientific research institutions in a live end-to-end platform where they can co-innovate together to accelerate business growth, technology and networking. Just ask some of the startups which have already joined the Nokia Innovation Platform like Millisecond Digital,, Bilberry, Cloudstreet and Whereos.

Let’s share knowledge and explore business opportunities together through this new platform. We’re particularly excited to connect with like-minded partners who share our vision to expand the human possibilities of our connected world.

Check out this dedicated website to find out if your business could benefit from using the Nokia Innovation Platform.

Join the automotive innovation challenge

At SLUSH, Nokia is also launching an automotive innovation challenge to develop the latest technologies and business models for autonomous vehicles. The best innovation projects will have a chance to join Nokia’s innovation accelerator program to co-invent the future of connected mobility. Learn more here

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Stephan Litjens

About Stephan Litjens

Stephan Litjens leads the Nokia Digital Automation business with a passion for innovating new ways to make technology serve people and driving new business growth. Stephan is also Chairman of the Board for the MulteFire Alliance, which he was instrumental in establishing along with similar initiatives that make it easier to deploy business critical 3GPP based technologies into verticals and industrials.

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