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Sleep soundly while Nokia Performance Manager as a Service does the work

This blog is by Elisa Saari at Nokia Networks.
Twitter: @SaariElisa

Looking for more predictable and reduced costs in your operations support system (OSS)? Interested in benefiting from top notch technology and outsourcing risks to someone else? Getting this in just a couple of weeks sounds too good to be true, right?

Our cooperation with many operators who are already trialing the Nokia Performance Manager (NPM) as a Service has verified the benefits. With our launch in 2014, we were the first to offer telco OSS software and related expertise as a service. NPM software is hosted by Nokia Networks and managed by the best experts.

The option for operators to remotely access NPM can be bundled with the access to other powerful tools already deployed at Nokia’s Networks Operations Center, which enables them to retain visibility and rest assured that their networks and customers are in knowledgeable and reliable hands. And NPM as a Service is a perfect match for operators who don’t want to invest big money in OSS hardware. Instead of the heavy CAPEX impact, there’s a handy pay-as-you-use model with very low investment risk.

Performance Manager as a Service_Nokia

Let go of the hardware, retain the visibility

Even though NPM as a Service runs in Nokia Global Delivery Centers (GDC) rather than the operator’s local premises, access and visibility to the tools and reports remain with them. Operators can log in to NPM remotely and have a full view of the capacity and performance of their 2G, 3G and LTE networks.

NPM experts in the Global Delivery Centers are on duty to ensure the tool is available and working flawlessly. They manage operations, maintenance, hosting and care.

How does it work for LTE?

Operators can easily adopt the Nokia Performance Manager as a Service and also monitor their LTE network performance. Once the operator's specific views have been provisioned and secure remote connections are in place, the LTE data is loaded into the NPM online system. GDC experts provide the operator with secure access to the NPM view so they can remotely log on and see their LTE reports – including multivendor data.

Proven benefits based on trials of NPM as a Service

* OPEX savings – An on-going customer case indicates that the potential costs savings will be in the six digit area (in Euros)

* Increased business agility – access the latest tools without major investments

* Flexibility – choose NPM with maintenance or a more comprehensive package including, for example, outsourced network operations

* Accelerates your cloudification journey – benefit from new virtualization techniques in software delivery

* Reduced NPM deployment time from months to weeks – thanks to reduced need for installation, integration and operations

* Simplified network operations without legacy – there is only one NPM system to maintain and it always features the most recent network element versions since NPM upgrades are quick and easy

 Read our Press release: Nokia Networks first to launch OSS software as a Managed Service #NetworksPerform | Nokia Networks (Sept. 10, 2014)

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