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Startup MoBagel gives the inside scoop on working with Nokia

This is a guest blog by Joyce Hung, Key Account Manager at MoBagel
Twitter: @nokianetworks

“The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge was totally worth entering!”

Silicon Valley-based startup MoBagel won third prize in our Nokia Open Innovation Challenge last year. In this guest blog, Joyce Hung, Key Account Manager at MoBagel offers an insider’s view of how she experienced the event and the ongoing collaboration with Nokia.

What a difference 3 days can make!

In a mere three days, the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge provided an invaluable experience that played a crucial role in MoBagel’s accelerated growth over the past year. We met many like-minded, passionate people who challenged our ideas, provided feedback and advice, and motivated us to work harder as they  began to embrace our ideas and vision. We hope to solve the problem of shortage in data scientists by using an automated predictive AI solution that can accurately and efficiently build predictive models across industries and applications.

As one of the top 3 finalists, we got to work directly with Nokia - not something a startup encounters on a regular basis! With Nokia’s support, MoBagel now can demonstrate its solution to a wider range of industries, applications and enterprises, which will help validate and improve our product prior to launching. As MoBagel looks to expand into the European market, Nokia is there to support a long-term relationship – a win-win situation for all parties.

The Open Innovation Challenge is a great example of how startups can successfully work with large corporations. In fact, it proved that if a company has a great vision of how innovation can be achieved, then company size doesn’t play a role. During the 3 days we presented our vision and ideas to various departments of participating companies to spark a collaboration match. If one of the departments was keen to collaborate, then there was a good chance that the parent company would follow suit.

At present, we’re working on a pilot project that integrates our AI solution with Nokia’s platform. This is an important milestone because by adding MoBagel’s predictive capabilities to Nokia’s existing horizontal services, users now have instant access to build predictive models without having to switch to another platform. Furthermore, end users can enjoy these predictive capabilities without having to write a single line of code thanks to the powerful automated machine learning powered by MoBagel’s AI technology. By helping Nokia create more value out of its existing services, MoBagel’s AI solution also becomes smarter as it processes more data across industries and applications.

I encourage anyone considering to apply for this year’s challenge to go for it! Yes, the application and interview process was rather tedious and stressful. But, we promise you that it’s well worth it, especially being able to enjoy the company of other like-minded, forward thinking people!

Join the 2017 Open Innovation Challenge

This year’s edition of the challenge is focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT) for smart cities, mobility, safety and security, and connected industries. Particular attention will be given to solutions that use the power of technology to save and improve lives.

For more information and to learn how to apply, visit the dedicated website.

About MoBagel

MoBagel is a Silicon Valley-based startup (500 Startups Batch 13, SoftBank Innovation Program 2016, Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2016) focusing on building the first AI engine catered to the growing needs of IoT and big data. With automating machine learning, our Decanter™ engine helps clients generate accurate prediction results from raw IoT data to help improve and monetize business operations.

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