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Strengthening our partner ecosystem to enable agility and simplicity

This blog is by CB Velayuthan at Nokia Networks.Twitter: @nokianetworks

Mobile users are at the center of the evolving world of technology. Application developers feed the hunger for higher speed and more bandwidth with advanced, personalized apps and services targeted to suit different lifestyles. High traffic hot spots vary depending on the time of day and during mass events. The growing demand for data-intensive services and content and greater fluctuation in network load means that operators must evolve their networks for maximum flexibility in coverage and capacity from transport layer to core, from core to antennas.

We at Nokia are working closely with our partners for increased agility to meet the operator needs faster. We are now strengthening the Nokia partner ecosystem in the areas of antennas, IP routing and microwave backhaul.

Antennas are an essential part of the operator’s network, providing the link between the mobile users’ devices and the radio access network. Operators deploy multiple frequency bands, and take into use new LTE spectrum frequencies. Antennas with multiband capabilities and further integration of radio and antenna modules are needed to modernize the networks for smaller footprint and reduced operational cost. We have established a strong antenna partner ecosystem to complement our own active antenna portfolio with a wide selection of passive antennas. Our antenna partners include Cellmax, Commscope, Kathrein, RFS and Tongyu.

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IP transport is at the heart of a high-performance telecommunications network, providing transmission layer connectivity. The transition to an all-IP world is on the way, and the development of telco cloud creates requirements also for IP transport, as Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions rely on the transport layer capabilities. An important requirement for the IP transport solution is to ensure that the high connection quality originating from the radio access network is maintained, as it has a direct impact on mobile user experience.

For years, Nokia has played a major role in the IP routing domain together with its strong partner ecosystem. We have enhanced product choice for operators while reducing complexity and enabling simplicity. We are now making our IP routing ecosystem stronger with new pre-tested and fully interoperable products and solutions from our partners, which include Accedian, Cisco Systems, Coriant, Juniper Networks and Microsemi. For operators, the increased freedom of choice comes together with guaranteed quality, security, and tested network interoperability.

Operators will have easy access to new timing and packet-based synchronization solutions that meet the latest standards. We also offer top quality switches and routers with a small footprint also for outdoor deployments to be used in backhaul, in backbone or in data centers. With the growth of machine to machine communications and use of smartphones that require IP connectivity, and the simultaneous exhaustion of the IPv4 addresses, the need for communications networks supporting IPv6 is imminent. Through our partner ecosystem, we provide highly scalable carrier grade network address translation solutions that support IPv6 migration.

We are also introducing a new partner, Tarana Wireless, in our microwave backhaul partner ecosystem, which also includes Alcatel-Lucent, Dragonwave, NEC and SIAE Microelettronica. Tarana’s innovative non-line-of-sight (NLoS) and point-to-multipoint technology enhances Nokia’s solutions for ultra dense networks. NLoS backhaul solutions, in particular, are becoming much more critical to success as operators increase radio infrastructure density to meet concentrated demand in urban areas. Mobile network planners report that the majority of these target deployment sites are difficult if not impossible to reach cost-effectively with fiber or line-of-sight wireless backhaul.

With Tarana’s products, Nokia can address this issue by providing full-rate links with high reliability in a wide range of completely blocked and rapidly-changing urban conditions. This brings a completely new type of technology to our backhaul that helps us meet the NLoS challenge effectively. The end result is low latency and high throughput in the operator’s network for better mobile user experience.

ABI Research Vice President Joe Hoffman observes: “Every math student knows the shortest path between two points is a straight line, but the mobile broadband operator often finds the fastest path is anything but a straight line. Nokia’s partnership with Tarana Wireless expands its backhaul portfolio to quickly and cost effectively solve deployment problems that are beyond the capability of fiber and line-of-sight backhaul.”

Elaborating further, ABI Research Director Nick Marshall adds: “Tarana’s state-of-the-art approach to NLoS and point-to-multipoint backhaul leverages adaptive signal processing, beamforming, and interference mitigation to deliver best-in-class performance for Nokia’s customers.”

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Operator customers have Nokia as the only contact point for the full solution, which means broader range of opportunities while ensuring more simplicity and agility in the procurement process. Combining radio access technologies, antennas, and IP transport solutions together means efficient delivery and rollout. Nokia’s strong service organization ensures seamless network implementation and integration of all components.

Nokia takes the lead in creating an ecosystem of innovation that delivers the technologies to meet the current and future requirements of the transforming telecommunications industry. Partnering is a strategic choice for us on the way forward to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and be ready for everything that the future brings.

We have more in the internet to share on our partnering strategyMobile Backhaul products, Antenna ecosystem and Microwave Transport.

Read Tarana Wireless’ Press Release.

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