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The TAO to make 5G move

On the occasion of 5G World Conference in London from June 12-14 I have had the pleasure to share in a plenary session an update on 5G leadership, the “TAO (the way) to make 5G move.” The 5G World conference and exhibition has made visible that the industry has come a long way and is ready to invest into what is the obvious first step in a massive journey of Transformation, the first ingredient in the TAO to make 5G move. 5G New Radio is happening, and we at Nokia are ready to start with commercial roll-out later this year with our top customers in the US, Japan, Korea, China and Australia. And by the way: as could be seen on the Nokia stand at 5G World the commercialization is coming, as our live 28GHz over-the-air Airscale demonstration with a Qualcomm prototype smart phone enabled a multi-media multi-vantage point and fully synched immersive sports experience based on a use case developed with British Telecom.

Now is the time for operators to structure roll-out plans and investments for e2e 5G – and Nokia’s e2e 5G portfolio is ready across key architectural domains including Airscale RF and Baseband, Airframe based converged edge cloud and smart network fabric, Software Defined Networking in conjunction with market leading 5G Anyhaul solutions, all seamlessly orchestrated by Cloudband network and service management on the path to zero-touch and full Automation, the second ingredient in the TAO. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are of pervasive relevance across architectural domains in this regard and include our massive scale 5G access – Nokia ReefShark systems on chip (SoC) will come with Machine Learning optimized beamforming and scheduling of packets.

The third key ingredient to make 5G move is Openness. We at Nokia have taken a lead position not only in conjunction with 3GPP standardization but also engaging in a great number of open source initiatives such as XRAN and Open Networking Automation Platform (ONAP) – 5G open leadership is all about shared R&D, improved time-to-market and outside-in innovation. A great example of openness leadership is the Nokia Cloud Infrastructure for Real-time applications (NCIR), a Network Functions Virtualization cloud solution offering unique scalability and performance for the most demanding telco workloads in the 5G era. It is an OPNFV verified telco-grade solution covering the requirements of high bandwidth and low latency applications at edge datacenters. NCIR is  optimized for applications like Cloud RAN and fully supported by OPNFV and Nokia AirFrame edge cloud with carrier grade availability – OPNFV will tremendously help improve time-to-market and leverage verified outside-in contribution.

Having said this, the step change value opportunity of 5G is still yet to come.  By linking into expanding vertical industries and, therefore, Communication and Digital Service Provider business model transformation, Nokia can offer 3 times the type of opportunity for growth. Building on Nokia e2e 5G Future X architecture, performance attributes beyond mobile broadband, namely low latency and high reliability, in conjunction with network slicing (i.e., instantiating hundreds or thousands of logical/virtual networks on top of physical network) and automation will enable a new fields of opportunity.

The TAO – Transformation, Automation and Openness - will be key to make 5G move in accelerated and sustainable fashion. Add to this Nokia e2e 5G transformation services suite including 5G Digital Design, Cross-Domain Architecture and Site Evolution consulting and we are ready to unleash the potential of 5G!

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Volker Ziegler

About Volker Ziegler

Volker Ziegler serves as Head of 5G Leadership and Chief Architect of Nokia Mobile Networks.

He leads and orchestrates the Nokia e2e 5G program with special emphasis on 5G era technology, innovation and architecture; drives roadmap alignment for 5G differentiation and growth across Nokia Mobile Networks and other business groups in close cooperation with Nokia e2e solution and Mobile Networks sales; he assures landing zone for Bell Labs innovation and; maximizes 5G impact with customers, partners and SDOs.

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