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The 15 minutes that could make you famous

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This blog is part of our ExpertAdvantage series – giving you the inside scoop on how Nokia Services solve real operator challenges.

In 2015, Shanghai Mobile faced one of its biggest challenges yet: mass deployment of 4G in China had seen data traffic explode by 50%.

The operator’s network operations and maintenance was becoming increasingly complex. Although Shanghai Mobile’s previous network monitoring system was coping with the mobile traffic, if a failure occurred in the packet core, its operations staff spent a long time looking for the root cause.

Often, the problem would remain undetected until customers started complaining. In a major city like Shanghai, which hosts many major events and is a business hub for the region, this was not acceptable.

Shanghai Mobile was receptive to using more advanced solutions to operate and manage the network and make operations more customer focused and meet their demands for excellent, uninterrupted service. Above all, they wanted to know about issues before their customers did – to predict problems, rather than react to them.

See the video for the inside scoop on this successful project: Shanghai Mobile powered to deliver high customer experiences with Nokia Predictive Care

Following joint analysis, Shanghai Mobile opted to implement Nokia Predictive Care, which provides near real-time troubleshooting of issues. The service makes use of big data analytics, immediate alerts, new KPIs and pinpoints the root cause.  It also seeks anomalous patterns that show where elements might fail and predicts issues so that action can be taken in advance.

The results have been dramatic. Problems can now be resolved within 15 minutes instead of hours. The accuracy of the simplified alerts is around 98%, reducing operational workload, while customer complaints are down and customer satisfaction is up.

Slashing the time to solve customer problems from hours down to 15 minutes?! Think how famous that could make you among subscribers.

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