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Ultra-broadband down under with nbn Australia

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One of the first things you notice visiting Australia is how diverse the landscapes are and how far apart things are. Coming from a small European country where everyone lives close together, it’s impossible not to think of the ways Australia must approach the delivery of new essential services like ultra-broadband.

Of course, we all know about the famous landmarks and postcard attractions spread across thousands of kilometers of desert, forest and grassland. These remote areas with such small and dispersed populations are in themselves a unique case.

But when you get up close in the mainly coastal and metropolitan regions where most Australians live, it’s easy to find a whole range of unique conditions in just a single local area. It can be beautiful, but also a headache to deploy infrastructure.

Take Redland Bay, for instance, an area less than 40 km from the busy city centre of Brisbane. Here’s a populated and developing area spread between coast, rising hills and across a rugged mountain. Within just a few minutes driving you can see modern suburban housing, apartments, business premises, small farms and larger residential properties spread through the Australian bush.

To connect all of these different properties using a single network technology and topology is a complicated and expensive task. It’s one of the reasons Australia’s nbn is deploying a flexible mix of technology solutions for ultra-broadband. This includes a range of fiber and copper technologies and network topologies to enable a choice to address deployment challenges and to optimise nbn’s investment and future strategy.

You can see more about nbn’s approach and Nokia’s contribution in Australia in our video “Australia’s approach to national broadband.”

As nbn’s original fixed networks partner, Nokia is working to deliver the latest innovation in ultra-broadband access technology and to help nbn decide on the best options to get connectivity to everyone in Australia. We want to make sure nbn can meets its goals today, while also planning ahead with flexible solutions that provide an upgrade path to 1Gbps and beyond.

Broadband is now part of life, part of work and part of the economy. It’s making a difference to people’s lives and it will make an important difference in the future. That’s why I am proud of my work and Nokia’s efforts with nbn to make sure they are best positioned for Australia’s unique challenges today, and for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Els Baert

About Els Baert

Els has been part of the Fixed Networks journey for more than 7 years, driving marketing and product innovation. She recently decided to trade chocolate for meat pies and moved from Belgium to Australia to take up the role of customer solution manager, helping nbn to provide broadband services to every Australian.

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