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Ushering in a new era of open and automated optical transport services

This week in Los Angeles, the networking world comes together for MEF18, where we as an industry collaborate to enable agile, assured, and orchestrated communications services for the digital economy. Nokia is proud to have contributed to the MEF 3.0 services framework by leading the effort to standardize Optical Transport Services. These “wavelength” services are a cornerstone of a notable trend I’m seeing from service providers – the desire to include reliable, secure, high bandwidth, and low latency services - ideal for interconnecting enterprises and clouds – into their portfolio of automated, orchestrated, and assured end-to-end services. 

A common set of needs and challenges.

In discussions with network operators all over the world, I hear the same needs come up again and again. They need to automate operations and have better insight into their networks. They need to turn up services faster, with lower cost. They need to increase revenue from their transport network by reaching more customers with innovative new services - to see their optical network as a revenue generator, not just a cost center.

However, they face a common set of challenges as well. They must continue to scale the network without a corresponding increase in capital spending. They want to transform their optical infrastructure to a customer-centric service delivery platform, but back-office upgrades and software integration are time-consuming and expensive, and they don’t have the in-house skillset to do this themselves.

How can Nokia help?

New open tools to get you started … now.

Bandwidth continues to grow unabated, and we’ll continue to invest in new products and technologies like our ground-breaking PSE-3 chipset to meet that demand. But if our customers aren’t successful in their business ambitions, that’s not good for us, for them, or the industry as a whole.  This was our motivation for creating WaveSuite – set of open, lightweight, focused applications designed to jumpstart our customers transition to service-ready optical networking.

WaveSuite empowers our customers to get more out of their network. They can virtualize their infrastructure, and pursue new channels to market through innovative new services built around business relationships, not just feeds and speeds. They can deploy services more efficiently, automating repetitive and error-prone tasks that hinder the turn-up of service endpoints. And they can optimize their network’s performance, getting more bang for each network buck, with tools that analyze and act upon real-time network telemetry. 

We’re excited to join our customers on this journey of business transformation. We’ll have WaveSuite software live in our booth at MEF18 this week in Los Angeles, so please stop by and ask for a demo.

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Sam Bucci

About Sam Bucci

Sam Bucci heads the Optical Networking Business Unit for Nokia’s IP/Optical Networks Business Group. Sam spends an inordinate amount of time on airplanes working with customers around the world. It is the insight he gains on his travels combined with his deep knowledge of photonic networks which makes him a recognized expert and visionary in the optical field.

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