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Want to be a part of Nokia’s growing telco cloud ecosystem?

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In a nutshell, Nokia’s certification process aims to ease integration complexity and improve end-to-end solution readiness of operator projects.

I’m happy to report that our certification program is progressing rapidly. We’re building a solution ecosystem that ensures our partner applications can be deployed seamlessly into the Nokia cloud infrastructure and provide value to operators for efficient deployments.


We’ve recently achieved a major milestone in testing and certifying partner applications for virtualization, and they’re ready to be deployed in one common hardware platform. Now Nokia’s partner certification program is aiming to integrate the management and orchestration level in Nokia’s cloud reference architecture.

New portal to speed up the process

Certification can be a complex process, requiring multiple iterations depending on the complexity of the application and the depth of integration with Nokia’s cloud reference architecture. In order to speed up this process, Nokia has launched a partner certification portal which will automate pre-test assessments for partner applications and prepare them for the next level of certifications. In the future, an automated software downloading feature will be added to accelerate the testing procedure.

Here are some of the ways potential Nokia partners can benefit from the certification program:

•  Certified partners are positioned at the forefront of consideration for operator business

•  Applications are enhanced and developed jointly

•  The value of the application can be scaled according to how well it contributes to an operator’s overall telco cloud deployment objectives

•  Partners benefit from documentation and ready references to facilitate efficient telco cloud deployment

To join Nokia’s growing telco cloud solution ecosystem, please submit your application here.

You can learn more about the partnering certification program on our website where you will find the new portal and this video:

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