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What’s new in IoT for automotive? Ask ng Connect

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4 new use cases emerge @ ng Connect IoT for automotive forum

Earlier this month, a group of talented professionals gathered in an old factory in Munich, near a construction zone, for a 2-day ideation workshop. This interloping group comprises representatives of 15 companies from Germany, Finland, Sweden, France, Switzerland and the US. Their mission: to come up with the best use cases involving IoT in the automotive domain that can meet their selective criteria of innovation and business value.

This gathering is a regular member session from ng Connect, a worldwide ecosystem of companies that Nokia facilitates in order to develop, and bring to market trial, solutions built from the assets of the various companies involved. Most of the people in the room are also members of the more selective IoT Community group, launched this year by Nokia, which is a subset of ng Connect companies with a specific focus on IoT-based solutions. Some are domain experts, and have a dedicated role to educate the members on the pains and gains that can be addressed in the automotive domain. For instance, a representative of the European Commission provided insight on EU views regarding connected automobiles, an analyst from Strategy Analytics presented industry trends in automotive infotainment and telematics, panelists gave their view on specific technology trends, and Nokia experts explained the value of IoT, IoT platforms and 5G for building sound automotive cases. Program members were then guided into a structured ideation process.

These member meetings occur twice a year per geography (Americas, EMEA, APAC), each time with a specific domain focus. Next up will be Smart Cities.


Build it, and they will come

Working with a broad ecosystem of companies makes a difference: the value brought collectively is much higher than the sum of the parts. The components Nokia brings, such as in device management, IoT platform, connectivity or security is nicely complemented by assets and capabilities from companies with a much different focus.


The level of energy in these ideation meetings is fantastic. Participants were truly motivated and the meeting objective was achieved: we came up with four new ideas that the audience voted relevant to our criteria. And we are also proud to have Dell now signed up as our 300th member .

But this is only the first step of a journey. There will be sanity checks, prototyping, market trials and market value assessment. We have successfully conducted this process in earlier sessions, bringing use cases such as these to reality: a Connected Service Technician, Remote Health Care and Connected Bus Shelter.

If this process of innovation makes sense to you, consider joining the program, and encourage your business partners to do so. We can achieve so much together!

Visit ng Connect and Iot Community to learn more about the program, the members and the market trials already achieved, as well as apply on-line.

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Jean-Marc leads the ng Connect / IOT community activity of Nokia in EMEA. With 30-yearsof telecom experience and a focus on creating new business value, he’s excited by the possibilities IOT is opening up for people, the world, and for the business transformation of our society.

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