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Why we’re collaborating with Smartlabs to launch Nokia Smart Lighting

Why we’re collaborating with Smartlabs to launch Nokia Smart Lighting

We had an exciting announcement yesterday from our newest brand licensee partner. Smartlabs, based out of Irvine, California announced a new Nokia Smart Lighting product line. Nokia Smart Lighting is a portfolio of IoT-powered lighting and electrical control products. You can learn more about them here.

IoT innovation with Nokia design aesthetics    

There has been little or no innovation in lighting and electrical control. Smartlabs brings true innovation with their patented dual mesh technology combining the reliability of wired with the convenience of wireless. Nokia Smart Lighting is designed for better living, built for everyone to enjoy, affordable, and something that simply works reliably.

Thanks to the Nokia Product Design team, the Nokia Smart Lighting portfolio follows Nokia experience principles and is a remarkably high quality yet affordable product line with soft touch haptics and a very elegant look and feel (device and app UI).

NSL Dial stairs

Helping us live better

This portfolio supports our commitment to using technology to positively impact people’s everyday experiences including energy management. There is a strong untapped market for products that make homes more energy efficient. Smart thermostat adoption has been a growing trend for a few years, as more people recognize the cost and energy saving opportunities it presents. Smartlabs sees growing opportunities for the future, where Nokia Smart Lighting products along with other ecosystem products will create significant value for utilities, as well as residential and commercial customers.  

Watch this’s getting smarter and more efficient with Nokia Smart Lighting!

Vipul Mehrotra

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