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Year one: Open Ecosystem Network has a lot to celebrate

You may have heard the cork pop last week when we celebrated the first anniversary of our Open Ecosystem Network, the new hub for open collaboration and innovation, following the launch of the Beta version last year! The initiative was launched on the conviction that the future of collaboration and co-creation will be built on data sharing through an ecosystem approach across industries. Our intention is to accelerate development cycle time, and attract brilliant innovations.

Facing the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution, large corporationsmust be agile, transform constantly, keep up with ever changing technologies and hot tech topics, listen to customers, share data and collaborate openly within such an ecosystem. Today, more than ever, partnership is vital to thriving in the new digital era.

Speed matters

It started with a bunch of entrepreneurs at Nokia who were willing to work differently and engage very openly with suppliers and the entire ecosystem in order to boost innovation and bring something new to the world at the speed of the Internet. Time is the currency of the future, and the Open Ecosystem Network had only one year, to prove itself.

By mirroring the lifecycle of a start up and adopting a very agile management mode, the Open Ecosystem Network has already managed to achieve some very concrete results. Designed to share projects, challenges, content, and to embrace a large community of experts from different industries including start ups, developers and academia, this co-creation environment is delivering on its promises!

Following the growth hack path, here are the numbers achieved so far:

  •  Over 30,000 registered users
  • 100 co-creation projects initiated on hot topics including blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT
  • 50 innovation and sourcing challenges have been addressed, with 12 currenlty running proof of concepts.
  • 30 communities bringing together experts across industries on topics such as smart cities, connected mobility, car 2.0, education etc have been launched

Looking ahead, the main goal is to identify strategic value-add, such as using our Open Ecosystem Network to collaborate with a customer on software for example – creating, sharing, reusing good quality and rigorously tested code, to further scaling-up the platform.

As more over-arching communities spring up, so too will more DevOps collaboration with customers and partners. And the more digitalization of interactions we will see, the more relevant this Open way of working will become.

If you have not yet joined the Open Ecosystem Network, we welcome you to become part of the Open movement! There you can share your ideas, propose or find collaborative partners, recommend or contribute to solving innovation challenges, and create your own projects or join existing ones.


Remember, today we change tomorrow!

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Goran Cangl

About Goran Cangl

Goran heads up Ecosystem Steering, extending the possibilities of 3rd party relationships, while envisioning an ecosystem as enabler of Nokia’s strategy, competitive advantage and source of innovation. He’s passionate about innovation in connecting people, businesses & things.

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