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Yes, ROI in Small Cell deployment is possible indoors and out

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“When it comes to small cell/ HetNets deployment, our biggest headache is still finding optimal locations with access to power and backhaul and affordable site rental fee.”

This issue steadfastly remains a key concern in maximizing ROI for HetNet access points (APs). That’s why Nokia investigated the issue in depth and developed a novel patent pending methodology to help mobile operators locate and justify the right placement for HetNet APs. We call it SCORE i.e “Site Certified for Overall Relative Efficiency.

This methodology aids in key business decisions for selecting small cell site by rating each of the qualified sites on a scale of 1 to 100, based on the total cost of deployment and improvement in network performance. Field studies on SCORE have proven results with 30% faster deployment and 20% lower Total Cost of Ownership, and works for both indoor and outdoor locations.

How SCORE methodology works:

  • Captures end user demand using Nokia 3D Geolocation tool, which helps in the accurate location of hotspots inside buildings for the best small cell/ HetNet AP placement
  • Performs remote site audits, qualified site valuation and optimal site selection driven by SCORE valuation
  • Determines backhaul allocation using capacity based planning to select the best solution
  • Allows for flexible installation with cluster based deployments, innovative site solutions and low skilled assisted deployments
  • Leverages a data base of 1 million plus site assets suitable for small cell /HetNet deployment with power and backhaul availability. Nokia’s partnership with site furniture owners such as street advertising companies, municipalities and other street infra owners helps identify sites of interest for HetNets and contributes to this database.

Nokia SCORE methodology was recently shortlisted in the HetNet management software and services category at the Small Cell Forum Industry awards in London. But millions in operator cost savings has honestly been the best reward.

Don’t let HetNet deployment be cause for concern. Talk to us about Nokia SCORE.

Download our infographic and visit our website for more on Services for HetNets and Small Cell Site Certification.

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