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Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2018

We create the technology to connect the world

In partnership with ngp   
Operated by Nokia Bell Labs

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The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge, in partnership with NGP Capital, is looking for new innovative products and solutions within the Industrial IoT domain. It is time to submit your greatest ideas for technology and business models which could change the world. Together with Nokia Bell Labs experts and mentors you can make a difference and potentially grow your business to new levels.

We are once again looking for the latest innovative companies around the globe to put forward their ideas for the possibility to collaborate with Nokia Bell Labs researchers to enhance or create the first commercial implementation of their product.​

Our target is to find a company which could potentially be a partner for Nokia for joint innovative solutions. The journey from an early stage product to a mass market one is usually a long one but let's give it go. After all, with Nokia's resources and experience you might have a global business in your hands. So let's collaborate! 


Process and timeline


Submission phase 1 by September 6, 2018

Your proposal should include a product or solution which will impact the world of Industrial IoT. Please fill in the application form on the Apply page. There are a number of mandatory questions which are required to be filled in to qualify for the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge and the next round.

Deadline: September 6, 2018
Next phase announcement: September 17, 2018


Assessment Round 1, Sept 17 to Oct 1, 2018

Within this phase Nokia experts will assess your application and select the most promising ones for the next validation phase. Result announcements of the first review will be shared via email to your registered address.

Results announcement: October 1, 2018
Selected companies: 20 (All companies will be informed by Nokia whether have been selected or not)


Submission phase 2, Oct 1 to Oct 8, 2018

Now we have reached the phase where only the best of the best are still in the game. You have now 7 days to complete a max 5-minute video presenting your company and how your concept makes you unique.


Assessment round 2, Oct 8 to Oct 17, 2018

During this phase, panels of executive experts and mentors from Nokia and NGP capital will review your video submission and online application and select the most promising ones for the final phase. Result announcements of the selection will be shared via email to your registered address (latest by 18th September 2018).

Results announcement: October 18, 2018
Selected companies: up to 6


Pre final, November/December 2018

Congratulations, we consider your company one of the best out of all received applications! During this day you have the possibility to meet face to face with the mentor assigned to you. You have the possibility to brush up your pitch and demo.

Winners: Up to 6


Grand Final, November/December 2018

Today is the day! You now have 8 minutes (5 minutes pitch & 3 minutes Q&A) to convince our executive jury that your concept or technology is the one we should view as the next possible innovation. You will compete alongside five other companies for a cash prize and other opportunities to work with Nokia Bell Labs.

Pitch format: 5 minutes & 3 minute Q&A.
Winners: NOIC Executive Jury will select the winner/s. The jury has the power of discretion to allocate the cash prize to the best and most promising companies. It's possible that there will be only one grand winner!