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Conducting our business with integrity

Running in a field

At Nokia, our reputation for always acting with unyielding integrity is our most precious asset. Our commitment to upholding the highest principles of business ethics and integrity not only defines us as a company, but we believe it’s what separates us from our competitors. 

We have a Code of Conduct that is applicable to all of our employees, directors and management and, in addition, we have a Code of Ethics applicable to the President and CEO, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Controller. We apply our Code of Conduct not just to our own employees but also in our daily activities and business dealings with all of our external stakeholders. Leadership involvement and oversight on ethics and compliance are provided by Nokia Board of Directors via the Audit Committee. Compliance management is further supported by both global and regional compliance committees.

Our Code of Conduct sets down the key principles and practices of our ethical business approach and provides clear guidance to our employees as well as other stakeholders we work with. The high standards of our Code of Conduct allow us to build and maintain personal integrity across the company and protect our reputation.

Responsible business