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Enhancing lives through corporate community investment


A key theme of our corporate community investment approach is connecting the unconnected.

In 2016, we rolled out a new project in Myanmar where technology plays a significant role in improving early childhood care and development monitoring. We have together with Save the Children developed a web-based database and synchronized mobile application which is currently being deployed, intended to replace slow, non-real-time paper-based data collection used during care center monitoring visits. During a visit, the application enables saving of data on your mobile phone when offline and uploading it when online again. This is particularly important in parts of Myanmar, and elsewhere, where there is limited network coverage today. This is one example where we use our core competencies to bring shared value to society.

Raising awareness and understanding through technology

We work with a number of industry bodies, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and authorities to connect the unconnected, enhance public safety, drive diversity and lower carbon emissions, helping people thrive. But technology can also be used to highlight social issues and help drive understanding, raise awareness, and change perceptions for the better. Take for example the recent collaboration on virtual reality with a non-profit film company and the UN Refugee Agency.