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Collaborating with NGOs


Corporate Community Investment (CCI) is based on business organizations recognizing that they have a responsibility both to their local communities and citizens as well as society in general.

For Nokia, being socially responsible means using our resources, innovation, solutions, knowledge and influence to help improve people’s lives, whether local or global. Through our products and solutions we can have the greatest impact. Being part of the solutions to today’s global challenges is our duty, and we are doing so by connecting the unconnected, empowering women, and saving lives.

A Renewed model – Nokia Corporate Community Investment

In 2016, as a combined company, we had to realign all activities around community investment. We took the best practices of each company model, and ensured they were an integral part of our business, closely aligning them to our business drivers, and therefore increasing our capacity to work more closely with our customers. As a result of the integration, and the creation of the new corporate community investment approach, we officially closed the former Alcatel-Lucent foundation. All programs run under the foundation were brought under the newly created Nokia Community Investment activity.

As part of our transformation, we have developed a new sustainability vision and group-wide corporate community investment program based on thematic and geographical approaches. Our collaboration and support focuses on the themes that are the most material and relevant with regards to our business drivers and are fully aligned with our most relevant SDGs targeted contributions.

Our collaboration and support focuses on how technology can improve access to better healthcare & well-being, improved access to education, information and opportunities for all, with an emphasis on encouraging greater diversity. Our aim is to build a best-in-class approach to community investment that has a real impact on people’s lives, engages our employees, and benefits from the strengths and innovations of our business and vision.




Our governance has also been renewed and realigned. A Donation Committee assesses and reviews submitted CCI projects for endorsement and project progress during quarterly meetings. The Board of Directors has an oversight on CCI activities and university donations twice a year. We apply the highest ethical standards in the way we are operating this activity through the recently published new Standard Operating Procedure on donations, other charitable contributions, and sponsorships. We have also developed the requisite training and communication to explain and promote the guideline internally. 

Our contributions to NGOs in 2016

For the first time, in 2016, our CCI performance is measured using the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) standards to assess the overall impact of our philanthropic activities.

In 2016, through Nokia Corporate Community Investment and the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation, we contributed corporate-level resources totaling Euro 3 million, which supported 42 community programs in collaboration with 39 community organizations. This figure does not include regional and country level programs and spend, where for example India spent over EUR 1 million on corporate responsibility programs.

On corporate level programs, 695 employees volunteered a total of 8 080 hours. 

How many beneficiaries did Nokia’s programs reach?

Nokia’s community programs reached an estimated 868 346 direct beneficiaries. Children made up the largest proportion of the beneficiaries, with programs reaching 416 514 children. The majority (97%) of our CCI contributions align with our three thematic priority areas.

In addition to global corporate community investment programs, regional and business organizations can also run donation programs to increase reach and company impact in communities where we operate. For example, the India project with Save the Children will continue through 2017 based on specific agreement.