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Collaboration with universities, cities and other industries


We also collaborate with the public sector to further the use of technology in enhancing sustainable development and improving the day to day lives of citizens.

In 2016, for example, we announced that we were joining the Bristol Is Open initiative that is creating a dynamic test bed in the UK to develop an open programmable city and explore how integrated technology solutions can benefit citizens – from helping solve problems such as traffic congestion, air pollution, and assisted living for the elderly, to trials of self-driving cars

Digital innovation for improved healthcare

Health and well-being are of increasing importance as digitalization and the medical industry come together securely. We work with hospitals, universities, and other medical institutions to bring digital innovations to a wide variey of health and wellness challenges.

In 2016, Nokia began collaboration with Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Helsinki. HUS comprises Helsinki University Hospital and four regional hospitals. Apart from diagnosis and treatment of patients, the Hospital's services include education and research of a high international standard in close collaboration with the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, and several medtech and pharmaceutical companies. One example project involves remote monitoring of the vital signs of patients who have suffered from a stroke, using new medical-grade consumer products and software which enable the patient to stay at home rather than in hospital.

We are committed to medical research and working with numerous universities, health institutions, and enterprises to further study and gather anonymized health data.

Cooperation with universities and academic institutions

Our work with academic institutions ranges from collaborative research, training programs, and events that foster innovation, to supporting talent and continuous learning. In addition, the Nokia University Donations Program enhances collaboration between the world’s leading experts from universities around the world with the aim of promoting scientific innovation, talent, and knowledge creation.


Our work with a number of universities around the world also covers sustainability related topics that can bring social or environmental benefits. During 2016, Nokia acted as a sponsor for Aalto University CEMS program where a team of international masters students made an extensive analysis on Nokia sustainability impacts. An Aalto University professor acted as the academic tutor, and Nokia representative as the business tutor for this analysis which covered Nokia external social, environmental, and economic impacts throughout the value chain. It looked at both positive and negative impacts with the aim to quantify these external influences in terms of monetary value to the extent possible.