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Supporting customers’ sustainability goals


We work with our customers in a number of key areas of sustainability. We have the greatest impact through the products we supply to our customers, both in terms of energy efficiency that helps reduce their carbon footprint and by providing solutions that drive efficiency as part of the services they offer to their consumer customers. We also work with our customers in supply chain management and ensuring responsible sourcing for example in supply chain assessments, where we cooperate with the Joint Audit Committee.

In 2016 we collaborated with customers on a number of other sustainability related areas including human rights through the Industry Dialogue, and going forward through the Global Network Initiative. For more information on our activities related to the Industry Dialogue and GNI, see pages 100 – 107 in the Integrity section of this report. Also for example we supported the UN HeForShe diversity program by encouraging our own employees to sign the pledge. For more information on our activities related to gender diversity, see pages 133-136 in the Respect section of this report.

It is essential to help operators meet the demands of data traffic growth in a sustainable way. Therefore, we continuously improve the energy efficiency of our products, develop software that helps manage energy consumption, support customers with energy optimization services, and create product and solution offerings that encourage the use of alternative energy sources and lower power consumption. To enable massive improvements in energy efficiency, we are driving advanced power amplifier innovation, energy efficiency deployment studies for customer networks, industry initiatives, and standardization. Much of this energy is used to power cooling systems, for heating and lighting, consumed by uninterruptible and other power supplies, and in running idle resources. For example, analysis shows that cooling is responsible for up to 50% of the energy consumption of a base station site.

For more information on our activities related to the energy efficiency of our products visit Minimizing the environmental impact of our products and networks