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Partnering with NGOs

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Through our corporate social responsibility programs, we work with NGOs to improve people’s lives around the world. We target our support where we can make the greatest contribution using our core competencies in information and communications technologies.

Our cooperation focuses on promoting children’s rights, empowering young people, and supporting those affected by drought and other natural disasters. Our global partners are Plan, Save the Children, Oxfam and The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation.

Promoting children’s rights with Save the Children

Water point

Our partnership with Save the Children focuses on promoting the rights of children. We help to define ways to use technology to improve learning and empower people to use technology to strengthen disaster preparedness and relief efforts given the major threat posed to children by natural disasters and poverty. Save the Children has also evaluated how well we incorporate children’s rights into our core strategies.

In Myanmar, our project called The Best Start, aims to improve early learning and development opportunities for marginalized children in the country. The project aims to reach 14,500 children in three townships in Shan State, Kayin State, and Bago Region. The principal target group is children up to five years old.

In India, our cooperation focuses on protecting children and their families during disasters. We are helping to increase the resilience of children and their communities in 350 villages in India across five states: Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, and Rajasthan. Our technology plays a key role in this work.

Our cooperation is based upon the Child Rights and Business Principles launched by the UN Global Compact, Save the Children and UNICEF in 2012.

Download Nokia and Save the Children fact sheet

Empowering young people with Plan International

We work with Plan International to empower young people in developing countries through education and advocacy.

We support Plan International’s Open Space Literacy program, which aims to increase children’s literacy skills in 300 schools across Kenya. The program provides access to high-quality learning materials and improves teachers’ capacity through enhanced teaching methods and ICT training. It also engages communities in the management of local schools and promotes high-quality education.

Another project we support aims to improve school governance in Uganda using technology and community media. Improving school governance helps ensure that children receive high-quality education and contributes to gender equality goals, lifelong learning opportunities, and adult literacy.

Restoring young people’s faith in the future together with the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation

According to various studies, the faith of Finnish youth in their future is in decline. The prolonged economic downturn, climate change, and the gloomy news about regional conflicts are puzzling young minds not only in Finland, but all over the globe. To address this phenomenon, we have joined forces with the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation in order to raise awareness of the importance of thinking positively about both oneself and the future. Together, we have developed a program called Dreams, which challenges young people to take concrete steps toward their dreams.

Monitoring water availability in drought-prone regions with Oxfam

We partner with Oxfam to promote sustainable development. Together, we are piloting a web-based system to monitor water availability in drought-prone regions of Ethiopia and Kenya. This system provides real-time information to quickly identify the early onset of drought, enabling response efforts to be mobilized before the situation reaches a crisis point.