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Accelerate into a new era of automotive innovation

Advanced cloud, communications and networking technologies can help you bring the benefits of digital transformation to the new driving experience.

Nokia industries solutions can help you digitally transform your vehicle manufacturing operation and bring new levels of safety, engagement and “connectedness” to your customers, partners, suppliers and to your own workforce.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio that lets you combine high-performance mobile connectivity with secure device management, virtualized networks and data center technologies and performance-optimizing analytics.

Automotive manufacturing

Deploy a secure and reliable network that’s built for your business-critical applications and the digitalization of vehicle manufacturing. 

  • Extend pervasive coverage throughout your manufacturing facilities
  • Scale connectivity to support all your sensors and devices
  • Predictively maintain and manage your assets 
  • Untether production lines so you can change processes in real-time
  • Improve efficiency with analytics that deliver actionable insights
  • Reduce downtime and costs while improving workplace safety
  • Improve facility planning and streamline production processes

Connected cars and roads

Support the next generation of driving with embedded connectivity, improved safety and more effective operations.

  • Enable over-the-air connected car services, including real-time software updates and sensor-based preventive maintenance
  • Fuel collaboration and innovation by bringing all of your company branches and dealerships under one virtualized network
  • Break down IT silos and streamline workflows so you get full value from your network investments and data
  • Prepare your highways for the new driving experience with roadside cloud and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications
  • Provide a robust foundation for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to connect roadside equipment, vehicles, travelers, roadside workers and highway stakeholders with each other and with traffic control centers

Use innovative services to connect with your customers

Advanced networking and communications technologies can help carmakers, OEMs and dealers deliver innovative services that boost critical after-sales revenues.

Our solutions will help you turn your automotive network into a flexible, agile platform that delivers reliable, high-performance connectivity and end-to end-security to millions of connected vehicles. They support the rapid service development and device-agnostic management you need to build new business models around connected vehicles.

Accelerate digital-era success with the power of intelligent networks

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