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Garage Lab, Budapest

A fully equipped IoT lab to enable outside-the-box thinking

A place created by the employees for the employees. A safe and free place for Nokia employees to go beyond their boundaries and catalyse innovation. 

Garage represents a mindset and offers physical possibilities to hack, make, dream and share innovative ideas, without R&D regulations, without bureaucracy and without boundaries.

Garage is a place where experimentation, learning and fast prototyping can be done and there is no punishment if something is not working for the first, second, or 999th time.


What we offer

Open training sessions on topics such as: 

  • Basic training to node MCU usage
  • Arduino training
  • How to build a NAS
  • Raspberry Pi introduction training
  • Basic electrical training (what are the components, how to use the tools, etc.)

Experimentation and fast prototyping can be achieved instead of PowerPoint presentations.

Our Lab

We have a full featured IoT Lab with components and equipment such as: various microcontrollers, 40+ sensors, electronic components, cables, soldering station, measurement devices, tools and other stuff, monitors and basic IT devices. A 3D printer is coming soon. The Garage also includes a multi-purpose room, with a demo area for specialized workstations.


If you want to collaborate with us and innovate, or just want to know more about our Budapest Garage, please contact our team.