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Operational challenges
of COVID-19

Adapt your operations in response
to COVID-19

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covid-19-mobius cut

Evolve your operations to meet the COVID-19 reality

The lockdowns and stay-at-home orders put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19 have made reliable, high-quality connectivity and services more vital than ever before — and communications service providers (CSPs) are under pressure to keep up. CSPs around the world are grappling with four operational challenges during the COVID-19 crisis:

CSPs can address these challenges by applying closed-loop automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to make their operations more efficient and effective. Nokia offers a proven portfolio of solutions that can be deployed remotely, often in just hours, to alleviate the pressure brought by COVID-19.

Securing their networks and data

The unprecedented and unusual network traffic patterns that have emerged with COVID-19 are making it harder to detect anomalies and suspicious behavior. Automated processes powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence help address these security challenges head-on by scanning dynamically for threats and recommending effective mitigations.

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NetGuard Adaptive Security Operations

 A telco-centric SOAR suite that integrates audit compliance, privileged access, endpoint security, and certificate management.

Managed Security Services

Our experts take on the day-to-day management of network security to protect against cybersecurity

Maintaining operational continuity

Customers who rely on the network to stay connected, informed and entertained have little tolerance for outages and service degradations. Intelligent analytics and self-organizing network (SON) technology make it possible for CSPs to meet the highest expectations by automating the network’s ability to monitor and optimize its own performance proactively and in real time.

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AVA Cognitive Operations

Our AI-as-a-service that keeps networks healthy by predicting, diagnosing and resolving quality-affecting issues.


The industry’s largest collection of SON modules to create a self-configuring, self-healing and self-optimizing network.

Network Operations Master

Software based on cloud-native architecture for managing 4G and 5G networks with extreme automation.

Adapting to new traffic patterns

Traffic has shifted to the suburbs, Wi-Fi usage is up, mobile is down, and some CSPs experienced an entire year of traffic growth in just two weeks. That’s too much change to keep pace with manually — but AI-driven analytics and carrier-grade software-defined networking can bring much-needed relief.

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A unified, automation-native, end-to-end service lifecycle orchestration platform for mobile and fixed services.

Network Services Platform

A suite of ready-to-use applications for automating IP and optical networks to help CSPs respond quickly to fast-changing demand.

Network Operations Master

Software based on cloud-native architecture for managing 4G and 5G networks with extreme automation.

Assuring quality for key services

As more people turn to streaming video and online gaming, the greater the potential for the quality of experience to suffer. Maintaining service quality requires near real-time visibility into how apps are being used — and how customers perceive their performance. Predictive analytics and an integrated dashboard view make it possible to keep priority services functioning at their best.

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Nokia Assurance Center

Our multi-vendor, multi-domain service assurance suite that combines quality management with automated operations.

Predictive Video Analytics

End-to-end analytics to help CSPs predict impacts on quality of experience and prioritize actions based on business outcomes.

Why Nokia for operations?

Nokia is an automation forerunner and partner that CSPs can rely on during their transformation journey. We have the industry’s best and broadest set of solutions to automate network, service, and security operations. Our applied innovation and collective wisdom provides a credible pathway for CSPs to scale AI and automation. Nokia delivers proven business outcomes, offering CSPs a choice of flexible delivery and commercial models. We enable CSPs to boost productivity 100x fold; launch new services in minutes; deliver guaranteed quality; and automate the detection and resolution of cyber threats.

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