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Insight-driven optical networks for 5G

Evolve your optical network to deliver extraordinary 5G experiences

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Discover how to build optical networks for 5G success
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The 5G era will bring new services, revolutionary applications and endless business opportunities. More than ever, your success will depend on your optical network. But evolving your optical network for 5G can be easier than you think.

Our insight-driven optical network solutions will help you succeed with 5G by making your optical network programmable, massively scalable, high performing and secure. They leverage unique insights to enable you meet demand for extraordinary 5G experiences, support new revenue-generating services and use automation to reduce your network total cost of ownership (TCO).

Meet new demands

Deliver extraordinary performance at scale

Achieve your business goals by using your optical network to meet the strict latency, flexibility and scalability requirements of new 5G services.

Automate the optical network and services deployment lifecycle

Use automation to simplify 5G network operations and streamline the deployment of optical connectivity for any site, application or customer.

Secure your network against attacks

Deploy security solutions that can keep your 5G fiber network infrastructure and data safe from attacks and intrusions.

Performance and scale for metro/regional aggregation and core

Prepare your metro/regional aggregation and core networks for the high volumes of traffic that 5G will bring. Our 1830 Photonic Service Switch portfolio provides the performance and scale you need to reliably aggregate 100/400GE connectivity and interconnect 5G-enabled edge data centers.

More performance and scale for cloud DCI


Get the performance, scale and security you need to move 5G data centers closer to the network edge. Our 1830 Photonic Service Interconnect platform lets you optimize cloud data center interconnect (DCI) over metro, regional and long-haul distances.

Strong security for your optical infrastructure


Keep thieves and intruders out with robust, 5G-ready security solutions. Our Secure Optical Transport solution protects your 5G fiber infrastructure with transport wavelength encryption, centralized key management and OTDR capabilities that detect intrusions.

Explore our products and solutions

1830 Photonic Service Interconnect

Get secure, scalable and flexible DCI for the cloud era

1830 Security Management Server

Support business-critical applications with unified key management across optical and microwave transport networks

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