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Edge automation

Simplify edge infrastructure management by automating hardware and virtual infrastructure

Edge cloud infrastructure consists of thousands of edge sites. Enabling new cloud-based applications infrastructure and capabilities manually is time-consuming and inefficient. Edge Automation is the key to meeting operator expectations on OPEX savings, serviceability, and time-to-market.    

What is Edge Automation?  

Nokia workload agnostic Edge Automation is designed to help edge planning, deployment and simplification of operations. It considers both hardware and cloud infrastructures, and altogether reduces error-prone manual steps in the process. Edge Automation provides real-time information about server health and system configuration on a central ‘single-pane-of-glass’ dashboard. It supports simultaneous upgrade of multiple sites in simple steps, significantly reducing the time needed for system servicing and maintenance.  

Why is automation essential in Edge Cloud infrastructure?  

Edge Cloud  consists of a large number of sites, making manual operations time-consuming, inefficient, and difficult to maintain. Automation is a must for managing the thousands of edge sites and enabling 5G cloud-based services. Automation paves the way for new revenue and business opportunities at the edge. Automation and central management provide higher OPEX savings compared to manual or semi-automated operations.    

How can Nokia help with Edge Automation?  

Nokia’s approach to Edge Automation includes AirFrame Data Center Manager and Edge Automation Tool. These tools enable efficient hardware utilization, one view over all edge data centers, automated deployment workflows and faster time-to-market. 

Optimize the use of HW infrastructure with Nokia AirFrame Data Center Manager

Improve operational control and optimize the usage of infrastructure  

AirFrame Data Center Manager is designed for the common management of centralized and distributed data centers. It helps track traffic demands, power usage, and cooling needs in real-time.  

The tool increases utilization of existing servers by automated HW discovery, configuration and maintenance workflows, as well as provides remote management for all racks and data centers from a single session.

Reduce maintenance time with Nokia Edge Automation Tool

Reduce system servicing and maintenance time    

Nokia Edge Automation Tool is designed to automate edge infrastructure operations. It enables central management for the lifecycle data operations of deployment, monitoring and upgrades. It also provides real-time information about server health and system configuration on a ‘single-pane-of-glass’ dashboard. With APIs, Edge Automation tool can communicate towards upper lever network operation and management solution. 

Use cases

Explore our edge automation use cases:

Automated RAN edge deployment

Reduce OPEX and speed up edge cloud infrastructure deployment by automating the operations. Control of thousands edge clouds with centralized views improves full lifecycle management and operational efficiency. Productized infrastructure blueprints and unified planning workflow minimizes complex and error-prone infrastructure data planning.

Edge Cloud Zero-Touch Provisioning for enterprises

Edge automation allows independent enterprise network management with existing CSP’s network and guarantees ease of use of high-quality network operations. Secured connection between the CSP and enterprise network carries out management, control plane and user plane traffic between the MEC and the operator’s network.

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