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Digital Operations Center

Make intent-based service lifecycle automation a reality

In the 5G-era it’s no longer possible to orchestrate and assure services with traditional methods that are siloed and based on technology-focused tools and processes.

To support digital services and network slicing cost-efficiently and at scale, your operations support system (OSS) needs to evolve to unlock the value of your network across different domains, technologies, and vendors.

A change from technology focus to business focus is required and automation needs to be based on business-intent and contracted SLAs.

Business benefits of Digital Operations Center

Shorter time to resolution

30% tickets solved in closed-loop
with reduced errors and lower costs

Faster time to market

500 x faster service activation

Improved efficiency

3 x more effective
network utilization

Deep dive into Digital Operations Center

Nokia Digital Operations Center for intent-based service lifecycle automation at scale

Nokia’s award-winning Digital Operations Center is a modular solution comprised of Orchestration Center, Assurance Center, and a common Unified Inventory. This combination enables you to manage the entire service lifecycle by designing, delivering, and assuring digital services and 5G slicing at scale and with speed.

The Digital Operations Center is designed for a fully automated, AIOps driven closed-loop approach. In addition, it offers a rich user-interface for manual activities, to enable gradual development, testing, acceptance and use of automated steps as required.

It supports multi-vendor, multi-domain, and multi-technology environments with a fully cloud-native platform ready for any cloud deployment model. Digital Operations Center supports numerous standards such as TMF, ETSI, MEF, 3GPP, and IETF to enable flexible and fast integration.

digital operations

The Digital Operations Center’s primary role is to:

  • Manage the full end-to-end service lifecycle (design, deploy, assure) to meet contractual Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Abstract the complexity of the underlying network to expose its capabilities northbound to commercial business support systems on an intent-based level

  • Provide southbound interfaces and oversight to network layer systems so they can support end-to-end service deployment and assurance.

By closing the loop between traditionally separate service orchestration and service assurance processes, you can more efficiently and effectively manage the full service lifecycle .

Nokia Orchestration Center

Nokia Orchestration Center provides end-to-end network and service orchestration capabilities. It enables you to quickly and efficiently design and deploy digital services and network slicing based on business-intent, leading to significantly reduced time-to-value for new services.

Orchestration Center can be deployed together with Assurance Center and the underlying Unified Inventory to drive round-trip closed-loop automated operations

Find out more about Nokia Orchestration Center.

Nokia Assurance Center

Assurance Center provides unified network and service assurance capabilities across traditionally separate systems and domain silos. It enables you to proactively assure services in runtime to meet Service Level Agreements and to drive down overall network and service costs.

Assurance Center can be deployed together with Orchestration Center and the underlying Unified Inventory to drive round-trip closed-loop automated operations at scale.

Find out more about Nokia Assurance Center.

Unified Inventory

Unified Inventory provides discovery, reconciliation and ongoing synchronization of network and service assets in near real-time. It’s essential to the operation of both service orchestration and service assurance functions.

When Orchestration Center and Assurance Center are deployed together, the Unified Inventory provides a common data plane to both applications. This enables better data integrity which in turn drives the adoption of network automation actions.

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