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Empowered for the new energy future

Build a communications platform for smarter, greener and more productive energy operations

Lead the way to the new energy future with an end-to-end mission-critical grid communications architecture that lets you bring higher levels of intelligence, automation and performance to every facet of your operations.

Our energy industry solutions empower you to unleash the full potential of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 to ramp up productivity and support new business models. They provide the reliable connectivity you need to take on your biggest challenges, from supporting more sustainable power transmission and distribution to enabling autonomous operations and opening new paths to growth.

A grid communications architecture built for tomorrow

Our solutions empower you to build an adaptive smart grid that can quickly and efficiently respond to any opportunity or challenge. They reliably and securely connect all your physical assets, applications, systems and workers by extending the mission-critical grid communications network from the private LTE field area network (FAN) and mission-critical IP/MPLS WAN to the data center fabric. 

This end-to-end connectivity provides you with a platform for enabling real-time monitoring, automation and control across your grid. It will accelerate your digital transformation and ensure that you’re ready for the demands of the new energy future.

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