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Executive Experience Center Dallas

Immersive experiences that bring innovation to life


Visit our Dallas Executive Experience Center to explore the full range of Nokia solutions for communications service providers, enterprises, partners, and governments.

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Introducing the Dallas Executive Experience Center

Located at our US headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the North American Executive Experience Center (EEC) is designed to give our customers and partners the opportunity to experience Nokia products and solutions through a series of live, immersive demos that bring innovation to life.

When you visit the EEC you can explore the full range of Nokia technology solutions available in the market today and learn how you can use them to address your key challenges and advance your most important business initiatives. Whether you’re a communications service provider (CSP), enterprise or Nokia partner, the EEC gives you a front-row seat for discovering the technology solutions that will help you move your business forward.


EEC fast facts

  • Located at our US headquarters in Dallas, Texas
  • Hosts around 100 customer and partner visits every year, over 2500 visitors per year
  • Immersive live demos of Nokia products and end-to-end solutions for communications services providers (CSPs), enterprises and partners
  • Fully equipped with the latest productivity and collaboration tools
  • Multiple meeting rooms that can accommodate groups of various sizes up 70 people  
  • State-of-the-art audio visual equipment to support virtual and hybrid visits
  • Includes the Enterprise Innovation Center, a proof-of-concept lab for testing and integration

Dallas Executive Experience Center address

3201 Olympus Blvd, Dallas, Texas, 75019

Welcoming CSPs, enterprises and partners

The EEC showcases Nokia products and solutions across our entire portfolio and includes live, hands-on demonstrations in every technology area that illustrate the latest use cases. From fixed and wireless access networks to IP and optical networks to industry-specific private wireless solutions, the EEC gives you the opportunity to experience the benefits of Nokia technology firsthand in a real-world network environment.

Work with our EEC architects to learn how we can help you can capitalize on opportunities in your market and accelerate innovation, grow your revenue, speed time to market and advance your strategic initiatives. Deep dive into your technology areas of interest and engage with our global subject matter experts.


Visit the Enterprise Innovation Center

Collocated with our Executive Experience Center is the Nokia Enterprise Innovation Center (EIC). The Enterprise Innovation Center focuses on the energy utilities industry vertical. The EIC is a collaborative, proof-of-concept lab featuring award-winning enterprise technology from Nokia and our key partners that is integrated into a live communications network. This enables the integration and testing of different potential technology components that form an end-to- end network. Use-cases are developed and testing is executed to understand the performance and interaction of specific features and situations across an entire solution and on specific components.  

When you visit the EIC, you can leverage Nokia’s experience to understand the specific benefits and challenges related to the different technologies and to help you make the right technology selections based on your specific needs. This will minimize the risk associated with implementing  new technologies, and help you select technologies that provide the highest ROI.

Nokia technology experience labs: Exploring technologies for the digital era

In-person, virtual and hybrid engagements tailored to your unique needs

Featuring a live, end-to-end Nokia network and equipped with the most advanced audio-visual equipment available, the EEC has the flexibility to accommodate your unique requirements. Whether you’re looking to arrange an in-person, virtual or hybrid visit, our dedicated EEC architects can work with you to make it happen.


Ready to set up your visit?

Contact your Nokia Account Representative to request a visit to the Dallas Executive Experience Center.