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Altiplano Access Controller

Analytics and automation for your broadband network

The heart of Nokia’s SDAN solution is the Altiplano Access Controller. This is a network management application with a simple unified interface to visualize, optimize, and enhance the fixed access network, supporting SDN-native, legacy and third-party equipment.

Altiplano offers a single view to manage fixed services, leveraging zero-touch operations, powerful network life-cycle management and closed-loop automation. Leveraging intent-based policies and validated blueprints, this approach drives better outcomes with self-aware capabilities that continuously monitor and self-adjust to maintain the intended network state.  

The cloud-native platform delivers powerful automation tools and flexible service programming via open interfaces. The open modular architecture allows the introduction of new network capabilities and integrates easily with OSS/BSS, IT and cloud platforms.

Master your broadband complexity now and in the future

Altiplano offers a complete suite of network management functions as well as SDN control to run a broadband network. The flexibility allows operators to deploy the management and control solution they need today and offers a path to expand the platform as new requirements arise. Altiplano also minimizes vendor lock-in and/or vendor specific (proprietary) integrations and costs.


Nokia Altiplano Access Controller


Open modular platform

  • Full programmability through open APIs and Developer Portal.
  • Easy integration with common tool chains and IT platforms.
  • Ability to onboard and develop own apps and extensions.

Unified access management

  • Serves as a single management interface for the operator's OSS.
  • Combines next-gen SDN and traditional access networks.
  • Supports multivendor multi-technology networks.

Faster service innovation

  • Eases the introduction of innovative technologies, new features and dynamic service offerings.
  • Changes can be applied rapidly and consistently.
  • IT-like upgradability, extensibility, and customization

Lower operational expenditure

  • Simplifies FCAPS management tasks.
  • Automation of network operations and reduction of time-consuming manual interventions.
  • Provides a wide range of APIs and tools to visualize, optimize and enhance the network.

Catering to all cloud deployment models

Deploy the cloud-native Altiplano Access Controller on a stand-alone server, in private or public cloud or in Software-as-a-Service. The fully containerized microservices design allows smooth migrations between different cloud deployment models. Nokia SaaS offers the same experience as an on-premises installation with no compromise between flexibility and functionality.


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Altiplano Developer Portal

Tools, SDK/APIs, code samples, Gitlab pipeline and resources expose programming capabilities to easily integrate and fully control device and application connectivity.


OSS Connecter Partner Program

Under the program best in class independent software vendors work closely with Nokia to proactively integrate their OSS applications and maintain solution interoperability.


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