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A place where the most audacious dreams of Industry 4.0 are realized, with solutions born from our 150 years of creating the technology that connects the world.

The automation of everything

A place where robots, machines, drones, sensors, processing platforms and people interconnect through the Future X architecture...

For a new era of human progress

... to support the digitalization and connection of everything and everyone. Digital and physical. To drive massive economic and social gains.

The Nokia Bell Labs Future X for industries architecture

Dynamic Security High Performance Networking Multi-cloud Digital Value Platforms Business Applications Dedicated deep connectivity(wireless/wired) Smart network fabric Hybrid cloud Distributed edge Local edge Grid optimization Cognitive analytics Industrial automation Digital operations Workforce efficiency and safety Asset optimization

X marks the future

Our Future X architecture is the foundation upon which industry will build its next great age. Explore how the Industrial Internet of Things will benefit all key industries. 

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A Nokia Bell Labs perspective

Xtra, Xtra: Exclusive preview chapter from the upcoming Bell Labs book, Future X for Industries.

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"This deployment will enable the introduction of distributed power resources in the future, such as photovoltaic generation and electric vehicles, while providing the required communications for our transformation to new business models."

Mario Ruiz / Tagle President of Neoenergia
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