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The architecture of industry’s digital age

As the new age of hyperconnected industry comes to life, its tantalizing possibilities are waiting for enterprises with vision, commitment and courage. Fully prepared to partner with every industry and enterprise on this once-in-a-lifetime journey, here's our vision for what the next industrial revolution will demand and look like.

Industry is about to change the world, again

Industry is driven by a constant quest for productivity - seeking all means to most efficiently produce and deliver their goods and services. But in the past few decades, productivity growth has slowed dramatically.

Those who grasped what information and communications technology (ICT) could do saw large productivity gains, but as industrial digitalization and automation got started, not all industries profited equally. The more asset-intensive companies, which employ much of the world’s workforce, did not see the productivity gains of those who fully embraced the information economy.


The cusp of tomorrow

Today, we stand at the precipice of the next major industrial revolution which promises to unlock trillions of dollars of economic value over the next decade by driving massive improvements in productivity in physical and digital industries alike, enhancing quality of life in safer, healthier and more sustainable communities.

Take a 45-second tour to the factory of the future.

Let the transformation begin

Industries in the physical economy have begun their digital transformation, and the opportunity for realizing a much bigger productivity boom is here. The Automation of Everything era will be ushered in by digital interfaces, data analysis and control of the physical world through networks employing the Nokia Bell Labs Future X architecture. And this where networks to networks will support the digitalization and connection of everything and everyone with the goal of automating much of life.

The interconnection of robots, machines, drones, sensors, processing platforms and people through Future X networks will provide transformative tools for the automation and optimization of factories and warehouses, ports, electric grids, transportation networks, food, healthcare, construction, logistics and supply chain, emergency response, mining, and other physical industries.

The three imperatives of the transformation

Connect everything and go deeper

To optimize asset use, a business must be able to do two things: know the state of all relevant

assets in time to facilitate a business decision and orchestrate or control the allocation or behavior of the assets regardless of location.

Compute, whenever you need it.

Robots in a factory. Autonomous vehicles in a mine. Remote surgery.

These will never become broadly deployed unless compute resources are immediately nearby.

Apply insights. Execute with precision.

Making sense out of data quickly will yield tremendous benefits including proactively reroute trains based on the probability of flooded tracks; gain massive efficiency in logistics hubs that handle unthinkable volumes of goods daily; and optimize first responder approaches with scene analytics, saving and protecting more lives

The Nokia Bell Labs Future X for industries architecture

Dynamic Security High Performance Networking Multi-cloud Digital Value Platforms Business Applications Dedicated deep connectivity(wireless/wired) Smart network fabric Hybrid cloud Distributed edge Local edge Grid optimization Cognitive analytics Industrial automation Digital operations Workforce efficiency and safety Asset optimization

X marks the future

Our Future X architecture is the foundation upon which industry will build its next great age. Explore how the Industrial Internet of Things will benefit all key industries. 

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