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Public Safety Backhaul Network Modernization

Shaping the future of mission-critical IP networking technology for Florida’s law enforcement officers

Nokia is proud to be part of the Florida SLERS Public Safety Voice Communications Network, powering highly reliable backhaul for almost two decades. In 2017 the State of Florida will begin to upgrade its law enforcement network. A new backhaul system will play a vital role in this new network. It will:


  • Connect all radio sites, PSAP and emergency management facilities with high resiliency
  • Provide security to protect the network from cyber-attacks
  • Make sure life-critical services are delivered in priority
  • Form a foundation to support the on-going digital transformation within Florida’s state-wide emergency management functions.

As a trusted innovation partner, Nokia will be there to provide the industry-leading IP backhaul and networking technology that public safety officers are counting on now and in the future.

Florida’s law enforcement community requires the best technology to protect and save lives; the new Nokia will be there, ready to help.

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