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CCTV Networking and
Scene Analytics Solution

Quickly scale networks of IoT surveillance sensors
to identify abnormal situations

Many local governments deploy large numbers of CCTV cameras primarily to perform post-incident analysis, limiting the potential of these systems to provide incident detection capabilities. With the arrival of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it’s now possible to detect emergency situations in real time using IoT sensors. But smaller cities often can’t afford to purchase these systems, which creates a need  for a more centralized organization that would be able to manage it for multiple governments.

With Nokia’s Scene Analytics solution you can quickly scale networks of IoT surveillance sensors to maintain efficiency in identifying abnormal situations. The ultra-reliable stream of data coming from thousands of cameras and other sensors becomes useful information for command-and-control center operators. This solution combines:

  • A highly scalable, critical connectivity solution that reliably connects all your CCTVs and IoT sensors to your video management, supervision center and real-time analytics systems.
  • The Scene Analytics platform, which enables you to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to identify anomalies from video and other IoT sensor streams. You can then automatically transmit an emergency alert when an abnormal situation occurs.

Use cases

The Nokia Scene analytics Solution supports a range of use cases that give public safety agencies and local governments the ability to leverage existing CCTV infrastructure and scale it with other types of sensors to provide timely and accurate alerts when an emergency occurs.

Benefits and features

Reduce video monitoring time and costs

Make more informed decisions faster with rich video and automated alerting

Choose the algorithms that work for you, bring your own algorithms (BYOA), or integrate open-source algorithms for a variety of use cases

Extract maximum value from your existing or new infrastructure

Optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your public safety sensor infrastructure

Support critical emergency calls with a highly available and resilient IP routing platform

Secure the network against cyber-attacks

Scale the solution easily as you increase the number of CCTV and other IoT sensors

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